With Love to My Angry Teen Self 

Lisa Parkes ©

Sweet Girl, just take a min,

You got nothing to prove to this world

That seems to want to self-destruct.

You have that button too; you know that much.

You’ve got nothing to prove, you’re okay, it’s alright.

Breathe, just breathe and give up the fight.


Know that deep in your heart

A sea of rage bubbles away.

It goes back to your day

As a hot-headed teen.

So much love and validation,

For the times you weren’t seen.

I’m listening to you now,

You’ve got my full attention.

Tell me all about how

You diffused all your family’s tension.

You told hard hitting truths,

And absorbed all their pain.

I’m never going to let them do that again.

You’re safe now, in me you can rest,

You’ve got nothing to prove,

I know you tried your very best.


I saw you desperate to make their wrongs right,

Your tangled thoughts kept you awake at night.

They blamed you for all they refused to see,

Whilst robbing you of your spirit and sanity.

It all began before you were born,

And without truth, it stays the same.

It gets past forward; the hurt will remain. 

When you ask, ‘What’s wrong with me?’

Nothing! The pain is theirs! They hold the key.

I know they made you feel so ashamed

Of being human, you weren’t going to be tamed.


Trauma bleeds over the next generation

Until somebody says, ‘No! I’m getting off at this station!’

Know that there is NOTHING you can do

That would make me not love you.

What you’ve done to turn this shit around.

I’m hugely proud that in the darkness you found

Your purest spirit, full of love and creativity,

Still smiling with your fierce tenacity.


A lonely path was your choice,

No chance they will silence your voice.

You taught people how to reclaim their power,

Rise up, do better; you didn’t let things turn sour.

You knew deep down, there was no other way,

Don’t listen to what the Flying Monkeys say.

You’ve got NOTHING to prove, they are blind.

I won’t let them fuck with your mind.

When you feel frustrated and misunderstood,

Please remember that God is good.

And so are you, you are loved unconditionally.

You’re my Sweet Girl and you’ve got me

By your side, to protect and take care of you,

Keep doing what feels right and true.

Do what brings you joy,

That’s something they cannot destroy.

Ignorant people will contest,

They will insist they’re doing their best.

Leave them with their disrespect, in denial

No need to react, that’s not your style.


It’s none of your business anymore,

You’re moving on and closing the door.

You don’t need their permission to live life your way.

There’s really nothing else to say.

You’ve whole-heartedly given it your all,

They need to make their own mistakes, let them fall.

Be a light in the darkness,

Love them at arm’s length.

Humans are messy,

But they have so much strength.

That’s exactly how you were reborn,

No need to stand there and take their scorn.

Get excited for what the future holds,

Take the lessons, they’re pure gold.

Sweet Girl, let it go,

Hold your head up high,

Spread your wings, trust yourself,

It’s time to fly!

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