Smiley Life Coach & Mentor Lisa Parkes

Hello I’m Lisa

Creative Wildheart, Intuitive Coach & Writer 

Since 2012, I’ve mentored hundreds of highly sensitive children to feel gorgeous from the inside out. What started out as a creative passion project, and an unconscious desire to be the person I needed growing up, turned into a catalyst for my own healing. Meeting my inner child in this very unique way, was the key to unlocking my true spirit – it brought me back to life! These days, I help Wildhearts break free from repeating generational cycles and patterns that are keeping them stuck. Is it time to honour your sensitive nature, and tap into the magic of your creative & intuitive gifts?

Want to free yourself from anxiety, overwhelm & self-doubt?

Are you ready to get out of your head and live from your heart?

Your magic comes alive when you feel peacefully confident and love yourself just as you are!

Venture into The Wilderness as we follow the heart-warming story of my inner child and discover what it’s like growing up as a Wildheart in a family full of secrets & unhealed generational trauma. 

I believe the answers live inside of you. Let me be your reassuring, encouraging guide. I’ll walk with you while you get to know and love all of your lovely Wiildheart self just as you are.

Join me on The Wildheart Diaries, a healing podcast for brave souls, sensitives and spiritual detectives who want to make sense of life, get to know themselves and find meaning in the madness. 

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