Hello I’m Lisa

Intuitive Healer,  Mentor & Spiritual Detective 

I work with sensitive souls –  just like you – who want to step into their magic and find their way back home!

Imagine if you could exhale and effortlessly become MORE you. I’m sure you’d worry LESS about what they think. Imagine how liberating it would be to drop the mask and dance to the beat of your own heart. It totally transforms your life – it did mine!

Since 2012, I’ve mentored thousands of highly sensitive children (I call them Wildhearts, they called me The Smiley Coach) to feel gorgeous from the inside out. What started out as a creative passion project, and an unconscious desire to be the person I needed growing up, turned into a catalyst for my own healing.

Are you ready to meet the real you? Not the one you think you should be.

When you work with me, you’ll get out of your busy head and really listen to your heart. 

Your magic comes alive when you feel peacefully confident and love all of yourself just as you are!

get to know yourself better 

Say goodbye to self-doubt & anxiety with this simple, yet powerful daily journal practice. Together, we’ll unlock the antidote to your scattered mind – your intuitive gifts – so you can feel calm & in control.

work with me 1:1 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing you shine. I’ll be your compassionate guide as we unravel more of your story – dissolving all the stuckness, self-doubt and overwhelm as we go. 

get to know me better 

Listen to The Wildheart Diaries, a healing podcast for brave souls, sensitives and spiritual detectives who want to make sense of life, get to know themselves and find meaning in the madness. 

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