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Hello I’m Lisa. I’m a Wildheart. I’m also a Mentor, Writer & Teacher (but not in a school). I’m passionate about holistically educating children – body, mind and soul. I create self-development resources for children, that are used by professionals and educators who see beyond behaviour and grades.

Are you ready to do it differently? 

 We magically expand in love. Its transformational energy can be felt no matter how near or far.

 What started with voice recordings of exercises and pep talks to reduce anxiety and overwhelm for children between their weekly mentoring sessions, organically grew into Truly Madly Smiley – a pocket guide to finding your way to happiness.

Ten years of powerful words exchanged in my coaching sessions, are now available for all children to enjoy. From the comfort of their bedrooms, classrooms or when travelling to school. Each inspirational episode beams straight to their wild hearts (we don’t really educate the emotional self at school, but really need to).

Truly Madly Smiley is a fun, engaging self development powerhouse that’s growing self-esteem, teaching social skills, helping children transition big life events, and building emotional resilience one episode at a time! It goes straight into your ear buds – no screens, no stress! 

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Meet Lisa

Smiley Life Coach & Mentor Lisa Parkes
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Think of me like your friendly aunt – your Fraunt! Wise and easy to talk to, with the spidey senses of Jessica Fletcher – how does she know that?! 

I’ll lend you my self-belief when all is lost and I’ll always be on your team. I may be a highly sensitive Wildheart with a busy brain, but I’m also an intuitive, determined problem solver. Together, with lots of kindness and laughter, we’ll work out what you need, then the tricky bits feel less tricky. Promise!

Want to know how I became The Smiley Coach?

I left the corporate world, worked as a Nanny and ended up mentoring hundreds of children through big life transitions.

>>read my story here!<<

I’m on your team!

If you’re passionate about helping children become their true selves, lets connect. I’ll send you regular updates, helpful resources, blog posts, special offers, workshops and trainings. 


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