Hello I’m Lisa

Intuitive Healer,  Mentor & Spiritual Detective 

I help Wildhearts celebrate their sensitivity and get their sparkle back!

Let’s turn down the volume on the anxiety, confusion and self-doubt, so we can get clear about what you really want… without feeling guilty, selfish or wrong. Set yourself free from generational patterns of conditioning, and have the courage to do it differently. Are you ready to follow your heart? It will totally transform your life – it did mine! 

get to know me better

Join our free monthly Wildheart huddle and find out what it’s like to be coached by me, as we journal in our jammies by candlelight. We’re a fun, caring & creative community committed to our healing. 

work with me 1:1 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing you sparkle. I’ll be your compassionate guide as we unravel more of your story – dissolving all the stuckness, self-doubt and overwhelm as we go. 

understand your wildheart self 

Listen to The Wildheart Diaries, a healing podcast for brave souls, sensitives and spiritual detectives who want to make sense of life, get to know themselves and find meaning in the madness. 

Set Your Mind Free!

Are you willing to swap the time spent lost in overwhelm, self-doubt and confusion for some inspiration & clarity?

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Inside you’ll find journal prompts with space to scribble and get clear on what you want. It’s your perfect listening companion for my podcast, The Wildheart Diaries, where you’ll learn everything you need to know as a sensitive soul determined to get her sparkle back! 

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