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Truly Madly Smiley is the popular podcast for wonderful Wildhearts (strong-willed, sensitive souls) who are on a mission to face their fears and discover their own kind of happy ….one episode at a time.


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✔ Evaluate your happiness using Smiley’s Happiness Ladder

✔ Learn the 3 lies adults & children believe about happiness

✔ Work out your own kind of happy & what may be blocking it

✔ Find out the most popular podcast episodes that make growing up easier for thousands of listeners 

✔ Listen to my Happiness Playlist so you can lift your mood with a little dance off in the kitchen or sing-along in your car

✔ Set yourself goals and make your own Happiness Plan so you can commit to growing your happiness from the inside out

✔ Overcome your fear of the tech with step-by-step guidance to setting up the podcast (it’s 2 simple steps – you’ve got this!).

Hello I’m Lisa! You might know me as The Smiley Coach.

It is my one true wish for all children to grow up knowing the magic that already lives inside of them. For over a decade I’ve helped thousands of children transition from stuck to smiley with my unique approach.

If you’re an educator, therapist, child practitioner or parent, who is committed to changing the way we educate children, you’re in the right place. Let’s come together and inject the world with more empathy, kindness and magic for the next generation.

Smiley x

Educator, Life Coach, Author & Creative Doodlebug.

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