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Hello I’m Lisa. I cheerlead children on when life gets tricky. My super power is taking self development tools and smiley-fying them – so that growing up is easier! I like to get really creative and make learning fun. You can learn with me wherever you are. Truly Madly Smiley goes straight into your ear buds – no screens, no stress and it’s ready when you are! 

 I want to make growing up easier…one episode at a time. Think of me like your favourite aunt – wise and easy to talk to, with the spidey senses of Jessica Fletcher (how does she know that?!) and the comforting warmth of cheese on toast with a good cup of strong tea. I’ll lend you my self-belief when all is lost and I’ll always be on your team. I’m a very determined problem solver and together, we’ll help you to find your way. It’s worth mentioning that I know an awful lot about what children need to feel good. I started off as a Nanny and ended up mentoring hundreds of children through big life transitions …. read more

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