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Hello I’m Lisa!
You might know me as The Smiley Coach.

It is my one true wish for all children to grow up knowing the magic that already lives inside of them. For over a decade I’ve helped thousands of children transition from stuck to smiley with my unique approach.

I created Intuitive Learning to guide children beyond their struggles. From emotional distress – angry outbursts and high anxiety, to social challenges – bullying, conflict and loneliness, I teach them creative problem solving and practical ways to feel good again.

I’d like to invite you to join my community of Intuitive Learners & Guides. 


If you’re an educator, therapist, child practitioner or parent, who is committed to changing the way we educate children, you’re in the right place.

I passionately believe that it’s my job and yours to shine a light on every child’s inner magic and guide them to go within. Through my own struggles growing up with chronic self-doubt and anxiety, I understand the peace that comes from feeling comfortable, happy and confident in your own skin – every single child deserves that.

Let’s come together and inject the world with more empathy, kindness and magic for the next generation.

Smiley x

Intuitive Educator, Life Long Learner, Author & Creative Doodlebug.

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Truly Madly Smiley Podcast

Join hundreds of intuitive learners and educators by tuning in to the Truly Madly Smiley Podcast where you can begin learning how to feel gorgeous from the inside out. It won’t be long before you activate your inner smile.

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One-to-One Coaching

Emotional Resilience

The Energy Pod


Listen, Learn + Journal

“I’d heard such lovely things about you, and the moment we got chatting I just knew she would connect with you.  She found your sessions so useful. You gave her a comfortable space to tackle some tricky things and some really practical coping tools. Thank you for your warmth, your incredible insight and care. You’re an angel!”

“My eldest has made great progress at The Energy Pod. The daily meltdowns are now very rare, and he even referred to his bedroom as his ’Happiness Room’ at the weekend which left me speechless. This was always where he would retreat when feeling angry.”

“Lisa seeing you in action is super inspiring. You use all the coaching methods in such a natural way and strike a good balance between letting the child guide the session and also getting them to focus on particular areas. I’m glad I got to sit in just to learn from you. Thank you!”

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