Magical Mama! Want to take your lovely parenting self by the hand and lead her to pastures calmer? 

  • feeling confident and reassured that you’re doing it the ‘right‘ way,
  • learning step by step the easy way to get back in the driving seat,
  • refocusing on what matters most and not getting caught up in the daily grind?

Get Smiley’s non-judgemental, practical coaching support so you can develop your own personal parenting blueprint that works for you and your child!


Hello! I’m so glad you’re here.

 I’m Lisa – – you might know me as The Smiley Coach. I don’t like the word Coach because people think I’m a therapist or Counsellor. I’m not. I see myself as more of a Fraunt (friendly Aunt), guide and mentor whose job is to show children their greatness and help make growing up easier>>get to know more about me.  

I often work with Wildhearts (strong-willed sensitive children) because I’m one too. I grew up feeling like I didn’t quite fit in.  >>read more about Wildhearts and what they need. 

Truth teller. KINDNESS Spreader. Creative Doodlebug. Ninja Detective. Recovering Perfectionist. CURIOUS Life Explorer. Empathy Educator. 

My dream is to ensure there are LESS misunderstood, sad, lonely hurting children and MORE happy, confident and emotionally resilient ones who feel comfortable in their own skin.  >>listen in to the podcast to hear how I connect with children. 


 I can’t make life more certain or the world safer BUT……… 

I can help your child feel better by uncovering the inner strength and wisdom they already have inside of them. Now if that sounds a little too ‘woo woo’ for you, I have a very practical, down to earth nature. Aside from my intuitive child-lead approach, I will give your child whatever practical skills and tools they need to navigate life independently – without you and without me! 

Served up with huge dollops of fun, kindness and creativity, I will help your child learn from adversity and bounce back from it without letting it negatively define them.

Have you ever wondered if you could measure your child’s happiness?

You can’t and as a parent, that is what you want most for your child: for them to be really and truly happy.  Do you often worry that you might be getting it wrong?  I want you to channel your precious time and energy into having fun with your family instead of constantly worrying about if you’re doing it right. I’m pretty sure if you’re wanting to take this test you are a conscientious parent who is doing their very best.

I just wanted to let you know that the boys are still loving the Energy Pod each week, despite Mondays being a ‘rush-around’ kind of day it’s the one club/activity that they never waver about attending.

My eldest has made great progress, the meltdowns that he was experiencing almost daily at one point are now very rare, and he even referred to his bedroom as his ’Happiness Room’ at the weekend which left me speechless. This was always where he would retreat when feeling angry.”


My daughter really enjoys coaching and describes you as: ‘The lady who takes her worries away!’ Sometimes Mums and Dads can’t do it on their own. It warms my heart to hear her chatting to you so comfortably and takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I know it’s not just all down to me to help her find solutions.

”She came out of her session full of giggles and very chatty. We’ve really seen a massive shift in her over the last few months. She still struggles with talking about her feelings at times but the more relaxed and at ease I am, the more freedom I give her, the more confident and happy she is!

It was so lovely to see how brave she was facing her fear. She performed her drama show last night and did it with such passion and confidence. She actually looked like she was having fun with it. It’s wonderful to see her confidence growing and her coming into her own. Thank you so much for helping us on our journey together.”

Worries –  Anger – Total Meltdowns! Are you feeling overwhelmed by your strong-willed sensitive child’s big scary emotions?  

It doesn’t make sense and it feels like hard work. I get it! You feel stuck. As a WildheartI can help you decipher what is going on and teach you and your child some fun, easy and practical coping strategies.  It feels out of control, confusing and you wish you knew how to make it better.  

 “Your child is so much more than their meltdowns and it’s important they grow up understanding and being connected to their feelings. All behaviour drives feelings. It makes more sense to help them with their feelings, instead of trying to change their behaviour.” 

Want to get to know me better?

There’s different ways to work with me from fun home learning packs to private 121 coaching. So pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy my blog for grown ups or download and digest the FREE family resources.  Every week, you’ll find me in The Energy Pod – my online coaching hang out –  teaching families all sorts of ways to prioritise and take care of their emotional wellbeing.

I hope we get to meet really soon as I know I can make a difference to your WHOLE family.  All you have to do is take the first step.  


Smiley x

Tune into the Truly Madly Smiley Podcast!

This is a great way to virtually introduce me to your kids and let them get to know me and feel comfortable with me on their own terms. 

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Get started with a fun learning pack!

Like Netflix and chill: videos and activity workbooks for you and your child to enjoy from the comfort of your own sofa. Who knew you could cultivate emotional intelligence, confidence and feel better in this way? It’s easy when you know how and it strengthens your relationship when you do it together as a team! 

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