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How Can I Help You?

I’ll empower you to …

understand and feel at home with your sensitivity – it’s a gift not a curse!

discover your truest self, not what you think other people want you to be.

step into your magic & love all of you MORE!

I’m a Compassionate Guide and very thorough. I leave no stone unturned and, even though I’m on your team, I will tell you the truth (‘clear is kind’ as Brene Brown would say). The truth really does set you free, after it’s p!ssed you off!

I’m a Spiritual Detective with razor sharp intuition that will work with you to unravel more of your story and connect the dots – dissolving all that self-doubt and overwhelm as we go.

I’m a Storytelling Teacher that talks with her hands, in colour, metaphors and pictures. I believe learning should be fun – whatever that looks like for you!

I’m a Creative Problem Solver full of ideas and overflowing with enthusiasm for your journey. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you shine and feel good about who you are…and if you get knocked off your perch or have a wobble, you’ll know exactly how to get back to yourself again.

Here are some of the ways I do that:

Read my book, Stuck Between Two Worlds that tells the heart-warming story of a young Wildheart called Ruby who finds her own magic as she struggles to grow up in a family full of secrets and generational trauma. I wrote it for kids but the inner child in you who never felt seen and heard, the one that needs your time and attention today, will love it!

Listen to The Wildheart Diaries, my rambly podcast which openly shares my healing discoveries. It’s another great place to start if you’re new to my work and want to get to know me. 

Your Wildheart Blueprint will give you clarity about who you really are. You’ll uncover what gives your life meaning, how your energy drives you towards your dreams, and what you came here for. A unique combination of astrology, oracle cards and my Wildheart intuitive coaching insights will ensure you come away knowing yourself deeper than ever before.

My journal, Unlock Your Magic teaches you to stop searching for answers outside of you and become your own wise Guru. Imagine how powerful it is when you learn this simple technique to give you all the answers you’re endlessly seeking.

Once you’ve made a start on discovering your wonderful Wildheart self, you’ll be ready for some private coaching with me. Follow Your Heart is a totally transformational 1:1 coaching programme for sensitive souls who want to feel peacefully confident. It uses a mix of therapeutic, spiritual and practical healing modalities to help you discover your truest self and love all of you MORE!

If you’re a parent looking for support for your child 

Are we a fit? We likely share some views on important things:

You’re moved by the works of Louise Hay, Glennon Doyle, Brene Brown, Gabor Mate, Russell Brand, Julia Cameron, Pete Walker, M Scott Peck, Susan Jeffers, Byron Katie, Gary Chapman, Dr Wayne Dyer, Nick Ortner, Kris Carr, Terri Cole, Davina McCall, Dr Ramani Durvasula, Harriet Braiker, Oliver James, John Bradshaw, The Gottman Institute, Dana Morningstar, Leonie Dawson, Elisabeth Corey, John Bowlby, Dr Laura Markham, and Brad Yates.

You’re fascinated by all that we cannot see. You believe in the magic of the Universe. You don’t always trust it, but you want to….you really want to and you keep coming back to that.

You’re obsessed or slightly curious about the tarot and other realms. You may have experienced a spiritual awakening and felt closer to spirit. You believe that even though we are having a human experience, we are spirits in meat suits, and that can be tricky sometimes.

You know that nurturing a relationship with yourself is the way to be free and happy in this life. You understand that what happened to you growing up shapes who you are today, but it doesn’t have to define you….and you won’t let it – no way!

You still believe that life is beautiful, but the system is f*cked up. You want to change the world for the next generation. After COVID, maybe you’ve turned off mainstream media and like big Pharma even less. 

You know that deep in your heart the sausage machine that we call an education system is ruining our children, and by the time they reach secondary all the joy and creativity is sucked out of learning.  You wish there was another way to nurture their gorgeous souls and teach them what really matters. There is! I created Truly Madly Smiley for all the parents who feel equally as passionate. It focuses on the 5 pillars of emotional intelligence. After all, isn’t life about love and relationships…. not trigonometry!

You are creative and creativity is part of your life. You value its healing properties and as a channel for self-expression.

You’re willing to go the extra mile to create the life you want and make your dreams come true – you’re here for it and take 100% responsibility.

You often find yourself talking about astrology, numerology, chakras, spirit guides, energy, the law of attraction, your dreams, why we are here, why people do the things they do and what would make the world a better place.

Awaken Your Wildheart 

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