If you buy or use any services or products from me you agree to be legally bound by this contract. 

COACHING FEES: Payment is upfront and online at the time of booking through my website (unless we have an alternative agreement).

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES: You are responsible for your COACHING FEES and to show up on time for your COACHING SESSIONS. You will be asked to be committed to and trust in the coaching process. See THE COACHING PROCESS. The coaching session will not take place if you are intoxicated, driving, watching your children or answering emails. Your full concentration is required for the duration of the COACHING SESSION TIME. 

COACH RESPONSIBILITES: I am not a therapist or mental health practitioner. As your Coach, I am fully on your team. I will support you emotionally and hold space for your feelings and struggle. I will not give advice, but will recommend books or other learning resources. I will ask you questions and give you information which will lead you to your own conclusions. I will guide you towards decisions that will make positive changes to your life. I will gently challenge you, encourage you to take action and share my healing experience; if that is relevant and helpful to your life and your current situation. We may talk about all areas of your life such as: relationships, business, family, creativity, your dreams, passions, as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

THE COACHING PROCESS: Not all coaching sessions will feel positive. In fact some may feel uncomfortable. If after a session you feel confused or notice yourself becoming resistant to the work we are doing together, address it with me either during OUT OF SESSION CONTACT (if that is part of your package), or bring it to the next COACHING SESSION. As we go through change, it is normal to resist and for feelings like frustration, fear, anxiety and sadness to come up. Coaching will help you see where you are getting stuck and help you move beyond that.

HOURS OF WORK: My core coaching hours are Monday – Wednesday (unless we have an alternative agreement). SESSION TIME varies throughout the day up until 8pm. I do not work weekends.

COACHING SESSIONS: All sessions (except for IN PERSON INTENSIVE DAYS) are online via Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp. Each session is 50 or 90 minutes long and is usually purchased as a package, unless it’s a first meeting. The automated booking system will send you a reminder email prior to our session. 

COACHING PACKAGES: Each package details how many COACHING SESSIONS you will receive and the allocated COACHING SESSION time. Each COACHING PACKAGE has an expiry date and all coaching sessions must be taken within the timeframe specified.

SESSION FOLLOW UP: After sessions, I may email a summary of our session, suggested resources or helpful activities. If a teen or child client is distressed at the close of SESSION TIME, I will notify parents by email and advise accordingly.

IN PERSON INTENSIVE DAYS: We will meet somewhere agreed ahead of the day. The day is from 10am – 5pm. The experience also includes lunch and a goodie bag. If you need to cancel, see CANCELLATION AND TERMINATION POLICY.

OUT OF SESSION CONTACT FOR CLIENTS: Clients may email with queries about bookings. See BOOKINGS & APPOINTMENTS. If your package includes access to me between COACHING SESSION TIME, we will connect via Voxer or Whatsapp, before your first session. This is for regular check-ins and updates where you are encouraged to share your wins, insights or ask any questions you may have.

OUT OF SESSION CONTACT FOR PARENTS: All client communication around issues are sensitive and treated with respect. They require considered, heart-felt responses and therefore, it is not always suitable to discuss over email. In the event of concerns which require additional support, you will be invited to book a coaching call with me or use one of the parent check-in calls in your package. It is not encouraged that parents communicate updates ahead of SESSION TIME, unless in response to SESSION FOLLOW UP, we have a prior agreement, or there is risk of harm. Parents who are concerned about their child’s safety are advised to contact emergency services.

OUT OF SESSION RESPONSE TIMES: From Monday to Friday, I will respond to your email, text or message usually within 24 hours, unless I’m travelling or on holiday. I will always inform you about my plans beforehand. At the weekend, I prioritise my wellbeing and will not always be available.

BOOKINGS & APPOINTMENTS: Clients are responsible for booking, rescheduling and cancelling their own sessions using the online booking system and in line with the CANCELLATION / NO SHOW policy. Please note that your package has an expiry date. 

TERMINATION: In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any part of the service, you should notify me in writing within 48 hours of the session. You may terminate this agreement at any time in writing. Refunds on payments made against future sessions, will be discretionary. Refunds requested in writing prior to the beginning of the coaching programme, will be given less a £50 admin fee. All refunds granted will be made by bank transfer within 28 days. Any unused sessions will not be refunded, but may be rescheduled up to the agreed expiry date of the coaching package. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: When you buy a package of time with me, I commit to having enough time available to serve you. That affects how many other clients I can take on. Therefore, if you need to cancel, there’s no fee as long as you do it at least 24 hours in advance. For cancellations made after 24 hours, or no-shows, you will forfeit a session from your package or incur the full charge for a single session unless I can offer you an alternative session in the same week. 

LATE ARRIVALS & NO SHOWS: Please ensure you are on time for your session. If you arrive late for a session, that session will still conclude at the end of the appointed hour. If you arrive 15 minutes or more past your scheduled appointment time, you will be considered a no show, the appointment will be cancelled and you will forfeit a session from your package or incur the full charge for a single session.

PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY: It is important for the integrity and value of the coaching relationship that we are open and honest with each other. In this light, what is discussed will remain confidential unless I am provided with information that may indicate a threat to your own life, or that of your child or someone. I reserve the right to report the information to your GP, emergency services, social services or the police. Before proceeding with this, I would inform you of my intentions. If you join a group programme, you will not share any information shared by the group members with any third parties. 

YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: I will not give your personal information to a third party unless you agree to it. You will receive an email newsletter from me notifying you of updates, special offers and other products and services. You can opt out by unsubscribing from this newsletter at any time.  

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I am insured for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. I also have a DBS certificate (certificates available upon request).

REFERRALS: Many of my clients have come to me by referral. If coaching has produced positive results for you and / or your child, I would ask that you please share your coaching experiences with others and refer me to anybody that you know who might be interested in what coaching has to offer.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I base my coaching on my Life Coaching Diploma, Child Coaching Diploma and my direct and vast experience of working with adolescents and children. I draw from my observations and insights as to which techniques and actions have created the most success. I am NOT a medical professional or licensed psychologist. Coaching is not a replacement for therapy. For issues with medical or psychological gravitas, my input is to be considered just that: input. I am not liable for the actions, behaviours, mental or emotional states of my clients (even though I do care about clients and want the best for them, I prefer to refer clients to a qualified alternative professional who is more suited to their needs). Every effort has been made to accurately represent the power of coaching and its potential. However, each individual’s success depends on his or her honesty, dedication, desire and motivation.

THIRD PARTY RIGHTS: No one other than a party to this contract has any right to enforce any term of this contract.

These terms were last updated on 5th November 2022. 

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