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Get personal insights from my healing experience. I enjoy writing about how to be your most peaceful, wonderful Wildheart self in a noisy, crazy, stressful world –  one that rewards busyness, achievement and doing MORE. It is possible to find peace and you’re most certainly worth taking the time to explore what works for you.

My Talk on Parent Trauma Triggers

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m rehearsing for a talk I was asked to give to parents who are cycle breakers. I share how generational trauma is passed on in families. It’s interesting to explore how our parents’ stress responses impact us as children, and influence how we parent ourselves or our children. How can we break these generational cycles of pain and trauma?

12 Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m talking about the things that we avoid or put off, but actually if we got these things out the way first, our future self would be ever so grateful. Stop procrastination and carrying the heaviness of uncompleted chores!

Forty Ways to Love Yourself More

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m brainstorming some of the ways how to love yourself more. There are so many ways that we abandon ourselves or treat ourselves disrespectfully. I share with you forty ways to love yourself more…without feeling guilty, bad or selfish. Including all the sneaky little ways I treat myself badly, less than and how I get put to the bottom of the pile. It’s time to be kinder to yourself! It’s time to love up on yourself and extend the kindness that you give to everybody else to you.

How Tarot Therapy Helps Heal Anxiety and Depression

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m sharing with you how tarot and oracle cards aren’t just for witches and psychics. Let’s explore tarot cards as a therapeutic tool to help you heal from anxiety and depression. 

Redefining Love After Abuse

How to redefine love after an abusive relationships. What does healthy love look like when you’ve grown up in a Narcissistic family?

What is your Self-Love Language?

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, is a concept that simplifies the ways we experience and express love in relationships. Self-love is about the relationship we have with ourselves. I think it’s the most important one. Lots of you have told me that you want to love yourself more. So let’s explore together the practical ways that you can show yourself love.

Why is it So Hard to Love Yourself?

Episode 35 Why is it so Hard to Love Yourself? Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I'm sharing an online chat I had over a cuppa about all things self-love. Are you stuck in the Good Girl archetype where you people please your way to burn out?...

If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m asking the question: ‘What do these beautiful women have in common?’ Princess Diana, Davina McCall, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston. Just in time for Mother’s Day, we explore the scars that are left when mother-daughter relationship are painful and complicated.

Are you the Fixer or Rescuer in your Relationships?

Episode 33 Are you the Fixer or Rescuer in your Relationships? Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I'm sharing my experience of how my seemingly innocent inner teen crush on Johnny Depp led me to some interesting discoveries. In fact, it held up a...

How to Take Back Your Voice After Toxic Abusive Relationships

It's hard, but not impossible for us as childhood trauma survivors to free ourselves of shame, blame and pain. The one thing we must do is find our voice. We must take back our power and tell our story. First to ourselves (journaling is a powerful tool), then to a...

What Prince Harry’s New Book, Spare Can Teach Us About Dysfunctional Families

What Spare by Prince Harry can teach us about a dysfunctional family when somebody is brave enough to tell the truth. Prince Harry’s story represents all our lost inner children who have been abused by family and shamed into silence. He is our voice and I’m so grateful he is bringing awareness to the deeply painful and heartbreaking impact of unresolved generational trauma.

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.” – Brene Brown

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