Smiley’s Back to School Checklist

Are you getting ready? Or are you hitting the snooze button on this back to school malarky? I know it's tempting. I know you want to bask in the magic of the school holidays for just a little longer. I do too, but I know that if I keep hitting snooze, I am just...

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6 Reasons People Avoid Setting Boundaries

This week, I was delighted to hold a free training class called 'How to Safeguard Your Child Against Frenemies, Tricky People and Meanies' for 80 parents. I love it when parents are open to learning and really embracing a brighter future for their kids.  If you missed...

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How to Step into Your Power + Stick Up for Yourself

This week, I've had to deal with some pretty tricky builders  who have told big fibs and been unreliable. It has called upon me to be brave and confront them with my powerful voice. I find this difficult. I think we all do. Nobody relishes conversations like that. The...

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Do You Know How To Banish Back to School Blues for Good?

September.  Autumn Term. Goodbye Summer Fun. Old familiar routine that we've missed or new unknown chapter that makes us wobble?  Yikes! It hasn't happened yet and we don't know what it will look like. Change is unknown and scary if we don't have the confidence to...

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3 Sure Fire Ways to Spoil Your Summer Holidays

How are your summer holidays shaping up? Last week, I told you about  Why the School Holidays are not a Cure for your Child’s Stress Levels. This week, I want to help you if you're finding it all too much. Here are the most common reasons your family may feel...

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Can you be patient and sit with your feelings?

In a world where instant gratification is at the click of a button, how can we help children learn and master the art of patience? I guess in an ideal world, we role model it to them. So what about you? Do you respond or react to your child? Are you able to sit with...

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