Two Ways Your Child Shows You That You Lack Boundaries

How do you fancy doing some emotional housekeeping with me? When was the last time, you looked at your emotional self? For years, I wasn't connected to that part of myself and it made life very difficult for me. I suppressed lots of feelings which made me depressed...

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The True Cost of Your Child’s Happiness

This week's podcast episode was to help children feel happier about going to school and I've had some lovely feedback, but what about the rest of their little lives? What is the cost of your child’s happiness? It’s priceless. It’s intangible. It’s immeasurable....

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What to do When Your Child is Afraid of Change

Autumn is here. Wakey wakey! - - It's time for CHANGE. I've been preparing 'Be Your Own Best Friend'. It's BRAND NEW territory for me and replaces my very popular creative coaching workshops. Do you remember those? It was hard to let go;  they kick started...

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Help Your Child Break Free From the Endless Cycle of Worry

If you have a worried child, I'm sure you're familiar with this situation. On Sunday my body was showing signs that some much needed self care was in order. My worries had cranked up so loudly in my head, I felt restless and uncomfortable.  Does your child get like...

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The Answers to Your Biggest Parenting Fears

  Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time… If you're Googling stuff because you're worried about your child, you're not alone! Listen to the full video and you can hear my discoveries. It may put your mind at rest. You may also like to watch this free...

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How to Take Charge of Your Worries and Fears

This is one for your kids to watch! What would your life feel like without all those worries? Wouldn't it be lighter, freer and feel so much easier! Of course it would. So watch the video and find out: The TWO Things you need to know about worries which you probably...

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Smiley’s Back to School Checklist

Are you getting ready? Or are you hitting the snooze button on this back to school malarky? I know it's tempting. I know you want to bask in the magic of the school holidays for just a little longer. I do too, but I know that if I keep hitting snooze, I am just...

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6 Reasons People Avoid Setting Boundaries

This week, I was delighted to hold a free training class called 'How to Safeguard Your Child Against Frenemies, Tricky People and Meanies' for 80 parents. I love it when parents are open to learning and really embracing a brighter future for their kids.  If you missed...

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How to Step into Your Power + Stick Up for Yourself

This week, I've had to deal with some pretty tricky builders  who have told big fibs and been unreliable. It has called upon me to be brave and confront them with my powerful voice. I find this difficult. I think we all do. Nobody relishes conversations like that. The...

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