How to Protect Your Child From Perfectionism

This post originally appeared on A Fine Parent. In my doll’s tea set, there were no cups without saucers. If the mudguard on my bike was crooked or rattled, I’d insist that my Dad repair it before I could ride my bike again. (We jokingly called it ‘Rattly Mudguard...

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When is being close to your child too close?

How do you know if your parent/child bond is healthy?Is it time to redefine what love looks like?Love gives us the freedom to truly be ourselves. Think of the parent who considers their child to be their best friend. Think of the child who cannot do or go...

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What matters most to your family this year?

Helpful Links Mentioned in this Video The Energy Pod is back with the theme of MOTIVATION for January, join us by reserving your spot here. If any of you struggle with expressing your anger, my online learning pack 'How to Tame Your Angry Dragon' is a step-by-step...

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Start Every Day With a Smile

So you want to start every day with a smile? I started today with a smile and my halo is twinkling brightly as I return from an afternoon stroll in the park. I've totally given up on the gym as it's completely uninspiring. Instead I aim to spend more time in nature...

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Smiley’s Simple 6-Step Process for Feeling Better

Are you emotionally constipated?Yes that's not a nice feeling at all is it?In this video, you'll hear me talk you through the signs that you're not feeling your feelings and what you can do to kick start the process. I have 6 steps for you which spell out the word...

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How to Hold onto the True Meaning of Christmas

We're nearly there! This time next week, it will all be over. Does that make you say boo or hooray?Am I getting old or is it because I don't have children that I'm thinking it's such a huge pile of stress and cash for one day? Or maybe I am changing my...

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Are you a Victim, Survivor or Thriver?

Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time… 1:02 I think a lot of you have trauma and don't realise that you do. Want to find out your trauma/stress response? Watch the FREE training here. 1:26 So many children are avoiding feeling their feelings which...

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