I believe that we all deserve to be FREE and to live a HAPPY life that is in alignment with our true spirit. It’s our responsibility to get to know ourselves and LOVE all of ourselves.

Loving yourself uplevels your whole life, including your relationships, your finances and your emotional and mental wellbeing. A tenacious spiritual detective, I leave no stone unturned. I’m committed to healing – I won’t let my early childhood trauma define me.

My job is to share all this wisdom and experience with you. Your inner child holds the key. I found my way back to her through working with children. You can follow this rather extraordinary adventure and the lessons I taught them here

I am not interested in selling you anything. I would like to learn more about you and see if I am a good fit to support your self-development and healing.

Wildheart FACT FILE


STAR SIGN: Aquarius (Sun), Scorpio (Moon), Aries (Rising)

HUMAN DESIGN: 1/3 Emotional Generator



I’m a bookworm, lifelong learner and self development junkie. Check out my booklist and top life lessons.
I‘m a recovering perfectionist and love Brene Brown.
I was a bandana wearing Brosette dancing in my bedroom and recording mix tapes from the radio (#growingupinthe80s!)
I never made it to Uni. I went to au-pair in France, studied hard at The School of Life, and ended up marketing boilers.
I experienced a dark night of the soul in my late 20s and have been recovering from C-PTSD (childhood trauma) ever since.
I‘m a murder mystery geek and dream of living in a country cottage where I write books and channel my inner Jessica Fletcher.
I love the rain, especially on a Sunday when I can snuggle up with a cuppa, my hot water bottle and laugh at re-runs of Friends (Phoebe is my fav!). I also love the Hallmark Channel at Christmas.

I‘m an introvert with strong intuition and an obsessive curiosity for all we cannot see.

I’m most confident with a pen in my hand. Journaling with tarot cards is my jam and that’s why I created Journal in your Jammies. These are some of the beautiful journals I’ve made.
I love Thai curry, Jaffa cakes and cheese – not on one plate though.
I was born on Valentine’s Day! My home is decorated with hearts – there’s one or more in every room. I write about love in all its various forms on my blog.
I have zero tolerance for people who bully children and animals. Every school should have a therapy dog. Moe is my bestie.








What I’m Celebrating
💕 I woke up one morning to read about myself in the Daily Mail.
💕 It took 10 years of hard work to grow my business. It all began with making house visits to kids in my trusty old VW Polo.
💕 My brave inner child who showed me how resilient humans are in the face of trauma. The most hurty parts of life don’t define you. join The Wildheart Book Club and I can teach you how to heal from that too.
💕 I dreamt of writing a book since I was little. If that’s your dream too, learn how I wrote Stuck Between Two Worlds in 40 days here.
💕 I created the Smiley Thought Cards for kids because Oracle Cards & the Tarot are an essential in my self-doubt and anxiety busting toolkit. 
💕 All the Wildhearts I’ve mentored through the stress of this cray- cray- crazy world. They’re my teachers as much as I am theirs.
💕 My endless creative spirit and idea generating brain. Check out these cozy chats for the kids– there are 100 of them! All about how to grow up as a happy Wildheart
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