Are you passionate about prioritising emotional wellbeing in your workplace or school?

Would you like a trauma-informed expert to consult and co-create with you?

Creative, confident speaker and inspirational teacher, passionate about promoting wellbeing, seeks exciting opportunities to teach, create and inspire.

I’m passionate about emotional safety and creating encouraging and supportive environments conducive to learning that get the best out of people. 

I’m in my element when I’m sharing and teaching the wealth of wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned over the past decade being an author, podcaster, child coach and successful entrepreneur in the field of self-development and wellbeing.

Never one to follow the conventional path, I learn best through trial and error. I teach best when I story tell, and speak from the heart, drawing on the highs and lows of my own life experiences so that people know they are not alone.

Hire me to create and / or deliver a training, workshop or inspiration talk, either online or in person, in your home, college, organisation or at a special event. Get in touch today!

Check out my CV to review my portfolio of courses and creative resources.  

Let’s co-create some magic together!

Here are some more ways I love to support, create, inspire and teach:

 – – I’m passionate about teaching the transformational power of intuitive journaling to manage stress and develop confidence for a stronger sense of self. This works best in small groups for any age group as a weekly meet up either online or in person. 

– I enjoy sharing my experience of writing and self-publishing my first book.

– I talk openly and frankly about navigating family estrangement. Check out my podcast and YouTube Channel to follow my journey to heal from C-PTSD and what I learned working with children and their families for over a decade. 

– I provide self-care experiences and training for teachers, well-being experts, and mental health practitioners on the front line.

– I give inspirational talks on my decade of working with highly sensitive children, giving insights into their needs and the importance of creating emotional safety at home and in the classroom. 

– ♦ – I love brainstorming and creating bespoke online courses, resources and discussion materials for mental health support groups that are trauma informed. Check out my CV to see what I’ve created to date.

Key Skills & Experience

With a background in corporate and agency marketing, I’ve built my own business from the ground up. I’m hands on and self-taught. 

Some things cannot be learned in books or in the classroom. The most valuable lessons have been taught to me by the young adults and children I’ve had the privilege of meeting.

I am a psychology and metaphysical nerd. My strength is translating complex theories into easy-to-understand and practical ways that people can use in real life! 

I understand the importance of language and what drives human behaviour. As a life-long learner, and in an attempt to make sense of my own chaotic childhood, I’ve meticulously studied trauma and its impact on the body, mind and spirit.

I’ve experimented with many healing modalities. My toolkit is a broad mix of traditional talk therapy, practical coaching, to more holistic approaches, and spiritual energy practices.

“Better than 6 weeks of talk therapy!

“Thank you for creating something so EASY and yet brilliant! I got MORE out of this than the 6 weeks of talk therapy I’ve just completed.”

Wildheart Journaler

“I’ve reached a place of self-acceptance.”

“I never stick to anything. I didn’t think I’d do it every day. I’m so pleased I did. It’s been a really worthwhile and profound experience. I’ve reached a place of ACCEPTANCE about who I am and I’m finally LOVING myself.”

Wildheart Journaler

“Meeting my true self for the first time!”

“Learning to journal has opened a gateway into ‘me’ that is life changing. In 30 days I know myself better, have learnt to listen to the ‘right’ voices and have found kindness and compassion for myself where it wasn’t before.Thank you Lisa, your guidance, kindness and validation is a remarkable gift that I am very grateful for. I LOVED this!”

Wildheart Journaler

“I’ve been sleeping deeply and not waking in the night!”

Since completing 30-days of journaling with Lisa I’ve been sleeping so much better, really deep sleeps – not struggling to get to sleep at all and not waking in the night either which is AMAZING! I have also noticed that my social anxiety has decreased. I’m coming away from things feeling ok and happy to just be me and definitely less triggered by life in general. For the FIRST time in my healing journey, I’ve understood what you meant by the space after the work that allows your body to process, heal and catch up with your brain. I can remember seeing your posts about the power in your pen and having no idea what that would look like and now I’m truly seeing and feeling this. Thank you!”

Wildheart Journaler

“I felt stuck and afraid of getting old, but found out how brave and strong I am!”

“Just love journaling with you. The 30-day journal experience was truly ENLIGHTENING and life enriching. I have learned to journal out my feelings and give myself COMPASSION for mistakes I have made. I am kinder to myself. I have a better understanding of who I am, where I want to be, and who I want to be with for the next adventure of my life. Looking forward to the future with so much JOY!”

Wildheart Journaler

“The gift of courage to find my lost soul

I was a blogger and I put my pen to rest forever after some awful online incidents. I didn’t pick it up again for years, until recently when you invited me to your journaling class. You may feel you have not seen the impact of your work in online interactions or traffic, but it’s THE HEART you’ve turned. I struggled to write at first, but with the sessions I’ve attended, I have the COURAGE to be with my pen and have the CONFIDENCE to give value to what I write. I think it’s the biggest courage and feeling you can give to somebody – like finding your lost soul. Thank you!”

Wildheart Journaler

“I was way out of my comfort zone and it blew my mind!

“I’ve never been one to journal, but this was completely different! I came to see Lisa feeling STUCK and frozen out from my feelings, with no sense of what I needed. Lisa’s guidance and techniques made it possible for me to offload. I left feeling CONNECTED and LIGHTER. Such a peaceful space which is non-challenging and allows room for self-discovery. Thank you Lisa!”

Wildheart Journaler

Got Questions? 

Do you work online or in person?

I travel locally to speak and teach in person, depending on my availability and other commitments. Most of my work is done online over Zoom.


Are you CRB checked?

Yes I have an enhanced CRB check.


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