Smiley Thought Cards

Little Box Big Difference to Life

A quick and fun way to encourage positive thinking, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love. 

40 beautifully illustrated photos with uplifting words for the whole family. Also includes 2 spare cards for you to create your own Smiley thoughts.  

Get Your Happy On Today!

£19.99 + Postage & Packaging

How many boxes?

If you are a school and you would like to order more than 4 boxes, please get in touch. If you live outside of the UK, please get in touch to find out about additional postage costs. This will vary depending on where you are in the world and will be requested by PayPal transfer.

Families who use Smiley Thought Cards every day have a stronger and deeper connection as they …

  • get to know each other
  • create quiet time to introspect
  • communicate more positively
  • create positive and healthy habits
  • strengthen emotional intelligence by expressing their feelings
  • see the good in life and each other
  • have a ready-made fun activity for family time 

Children who use Smiley Thought Cards every day feel more confident and happy as they …

  • have a clearer sense of self
  • develop emotional resilience to life’s challenges
  • affirm to themselves what is good in their lives
  • appreciate how important and unique they are
  • learn that they are in charge of their thoughts
  • train their brains to think more positively
  • reduce their worries by seeing the good in life

It’s the start of year 9 for us tomorrow and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how we are getting on. Last night, my daughter wrote a list of things to remember for the morning and she stuck it on the front door. I didn’t read it until this morning, but it said: ‘Governor letter, bus money, lunch money, dance kit, HAPPY THOUGHTS!’ The last bit gave me a lump in my throat as I wanted you to know the difference you made and it’s still there a year later. Thank you!

Mandy, Staines

Simply say ‘Alexa! Play Happy Thoughts!’ and see what happens.

It’s a great way to infuse your child’s brain with positivity before they go to school or sleep at night. This was a joint project with ‘The Little Book Magazine’ that you can read more about here.

At the end of my meeting with the school today, I whipped out my Smiley Thought Cards and told them how useful we find them for setting my children into a positive mindset for the day. The SENCo welled up reading through a few and I’ve promised to gift a set to my child’s class teacher as she said they would be wonderful to use in class!

Mrs K, Surrey

Listen for Free!

Hearts for Love. Stars for Confidence.

Suns for Encouragement. Rainbows for Positivity!

Watch them in action! 

Watch the videos below or read 30 quick and easy ideas of how to weave them into your daily routine. Have fun, let go and get really creative with them. Allow children to develop their own connection with them and watch the magic unfold.

My two daughters absolutely LOVE these! They are a great way to start and end each day – filling you and your children with positivity and confidence as well as stimulating some worthwhile conversations between you. As a family, we use the cards in different ways. My children like to look through them and pick out a few favourites for each day. This can be an interesting way for me to see what is going on in their head at any given time as they don’t always know how to vocalise their thoughts.  We are already enjoying our new Smiley Thought time each day. It is a lovely way of “forcing” us to slow down during each busy day and just take a few minutes (sometimes longer) to chat and think about our feelings and our lives in a positive way.


Founder , Surrey Mummy

Teachers, therapists and child-care practitioners, are you looking for inspiration in your work?

I shared some of the the quick and easy ways I use affirmations in a group or in 1-1 work with children. You can use them to:
1️⃣ create emotionally safe learning environments and sharing spaces
2️⃣ mirror back to children all that they are (even the bits they cannot see)
3️⃣ help children work out how they feel and what they need
4️⃣ come up with ideas for story telling and creative writing when children feel stuck or overwhelmed
5️⃣ set the children up for success & get them ready for learning
6️⃣ learn the valuable skill of introspection to make confident decisions and creatively problem solve



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