You’re invited to Journal in your Jammies with Lisa.

A monthly huddle for sensitive souls that is …

  • soothing if you’re an overthinker and have a busy brain that won’t shut up! 
  • gentle if you wish you could find some motivation or inspiration, but haven’t got the energy.
  • calming if you could really do with some time to down tools, and get clear on something that’s been challenging you. 
  • reassuring, if you’re doubting yourself and aren’t sure what to do next.
  • welcoming and friendly, if you’re feeling alone or misunderstood.
  • quality, quiet time for you to self-reflect and prioritise your Wildheart wellbeing.
  • the ideal opportunity for us to meet and experience my approach if you’re thinking about working with me.

 Take Care of Yourself. Reset Your Energy. 

Join our fun & caring community of sensitive souls who want peace in their minds and more love in their hearts. Click the pink RSVP button to RESERVE YOUR SPOT.

last Wednesday of the month
08:00pm – 9:00pm

pyjamas, or whatever feels comfortable & cosy for you

Free, or you can treat me to coffee

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There is power in your pen! Watch the very first session & experience the magic of journaling.

Kind words for Journal in your Jammies!

“Journaling transformed my relationship with myself! It grew my confidence, sharpened my intuition and turned down the volume on the circus in my head! Finally, I could hear my own voice and work out who I really was and what I wanted from life. I want to help others find a consistent journaling practice and discover the magic for themselves.”

Lisa Parkes, Intuitive Coach, Mentor & Spiritual Detective

I don’t consider myself to be creative.
Way out of my comfort zone, but it blew my mind!

“I’ve never been one to journal, and I’m not confident in groups either but this was completely different! I started out FEELING STUCK and frozen out from my feelings. I was LOST and OVERWHELMED with no sense of what I needed. Lisa’s guidance and techniques made it possible for me to offload. I had no idea that what came out onto the paper was even in my head. It was amazing how I was able to make sense of my feelings. I left feeling CONNECTED and LIGHTER. Such a cathartic, peaceful space which is non-challenging and allows room for self-discovery. Thank you Lisa!”


Lisa, you’re incredibly talented at what you do! You have such a lovely delivery and the feeling of safety you bring is amazing. Thank you!

I’m better off using my time to journal for 10 minutes, than wasting days lost in overthinking!

“I was surprised how tired I was to start with. My brain had been stuck on a loop trying to solve things and figure them out. Through the journaling, I got in touch with a WISE KNOWING PRESENCE that saw the bigger picture. It could effortlessly and quickly put the pieces together – such a RELIEF. It was fun and it gave me a precious chance to have some time with myself. I had room to BREATHE again. It’s great to have the tips and prompts. I loved the Gestalt Therapy techniques. Thank you for the invaluable gift of sharing your journaling knowledge and experience.”


So happy to meet my wise self hiding under all my thoughts. A beautiful breath of fresh air!

“What a beautiful experience. Through the journaling, I was able to connect to a different, much wiser part of myself. Like a close friend who is always there, but who I am not always aware of. It felt so freeing to go beyond my habitual thoughts and create this sacred space. There was time to STOP & BREATHE. It made me SO HAPPY. How REASSURING to know she is there for me whenever I open my journal. I loved getting to know her better, and I’m integrating her presence into my all of my life.”


My nervous system gladly welcomed this session like a soothing balm.
“Lisa, the atmosphere you create is inviting, welcoming and a space to breathe. It’s CHILLED with no pressure. I like the structure of the session. It helps me feel SAFE –  as does the candle ritual, being in our jammies and the soothing, tinkling music. Your ideas for journal prompts are practical and playful. I was HAPPY to be in your sparkly, bubbly energy –  the excitement and gentle happiness you radiate with the fun card decks you use. Thank you Lisa!

Necessary self-care! Not just lighter for releasing stress, but a deep sense of calm.

“I’d been really looking forward to some time just for me. I realised I hadn’t done any long form journaling for 8 months and it was good to have the space to do this again. I picked up some new journaling tools and felt deeply calm as I wrote. It was a very physical SENSE OF PEACE in my chest. I definitely unloaded the stresses and strains of the day. Afterwards, I felt PROUD that I’d done something positive, enjoyable and necessary for myself.”

Subtle and powerful ideas that I can revisit for clarity and lightness!

“I picked up some new tools. I loved writing the sentence from other peoples point of view, and the visual of pinging away the worry monsters 😂! You offer some subtle, yet powerful ideas that are delivered at such a lovely pace. I felt really good afterwards. My brain has been working overtime, but in a good way. I feel clarity, lightness and as though I just want to journal some more. I know that I can revisit the workshop and you will be there to help me.”

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I’ve loved creating journals to help lovely Wildhearts develop a regular journal practice!

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How journaling helped me dissolve DEPRESSION, calm my anxiety and get in touch with my intuition!

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