Ho Ho Ho! Smiley Santa is here with gifts galore …

Here’s a list of gifts which will last a life time. Long after the magic and sparkle of Christmas has gone and waaaaaay way into the future. They provide solid foundations of self worth, emotional resilience and a growth mindset which means your child will reach their full potential.

Pick the one you think you or your child needs the most and then, click on it for more information.

1. The Gift of Love 

2. The Gift of Calm

3. The Gift of Self Esteem

4. The Gift of Emotional Resilience

5. The Gift of Confidence

6. The Gift of Security

7. The Gift of Understanding

8. The Gift of Sleep

9. The Gift of Positivity

10. The Gifts of Fun and Magic


In the build up to Christmas, I want you to STOP + take a breath

Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year for everybody. It can feel lonely, we can miss loved ones who are not here and families who are separated can really feel that sadness of not being together. Christmas is also a time where families trigger each other and atmospheres can be tense or loaded.

Please don’t suffer alone. I am here for you.

Look after yourself and whatever it is that is making you stressed, it isn’t worth it. Nothing is worth your mental and emotional health.

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