‘Write to Heal’

Self-Discovery Coaching


Feeling stuck and uncertain? Wondering what on earth you’re meant to be doing with your life?

Continually, and dare I say, obsessively seeking answers, but feel frustrated and tired. You keep going round in circles and not getting anywhere. 

You’re convinced there is another way, but don’t know where to start? Then it’s your time to create the new and become the author of your life.

Write the sun back in your sky!

Set your true voice free, and uncover the most authentic version of you.

Write to Heal is not just for budding or wannabe authors, it’s for anybody who wants to unearth their truth, tell their story, unlock their creative gifts, reconnect with their intuition, or simply write their way to wellbeing.  

“Telling our stories is how we heal ourselves and how we help others heal.”

Creativity is the purest form of self-expression, and it’s the pathway back to your higher self – the part of you that already know the answers.

The creative process takes on a magical energy of its own which is both RESILIENCE building and healing. It teaches us to let go of FEAR, embrace the unknown and TRUST that something greater awaits us.

There is healing magic in every word you write.

So let’s unlock it together! 


STRUCTURE – During our time together, reach out to get your questions answered. I’ll give you feedback and intuitive insights on your words. You’ll also receive creative writing prompts, inspiration and motivation to dig deeper to find your authentic voice and birth your story.

Whatever truth needs to be unearthed during our time together will make itself known through the writing, and that will be your invitation to heal. 


My work has a therapeutic element to it. I’m not just a Life Coach & Child Coach, I’m also trained in a Gestalt-based approach to creative writing which supported me and went a long way to help me finding my true self. I find that highly sensitives notice the nuances in life and are natural deep self-reflectors. 

For my first decade as a coach, I was writing and storytelling for children. I started out with creative, confidence workshops, and then went on to create a podcast of 100 stories to help highly sensitive Wildhearts grow up happy. My first book, Stuck Between Two Worlds, gave a voice to my inner child and accessed my creativity, joy and inner wisdom. 

I’m currently finishing the first draft of my next book which is a cozy, quirky murder mystery about a burnt out school counsellor who goes on a sabbatical to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a writer. Turns out I’m writing the next stage of my life into reality. Hopefully minus the dead body in the swimming pool, but with all the romantic shenanigans and psychic fun. Some people call that manifesting. I call it dedication to your desires! You can manifest your dreams this way too.


  • You’re a seasoned journaler, and curious to experience the power of the creative process.
  • You’ve been to therapy and are familiar with inner child work but you want to build on that connection, diving deeper so your past cannot negatively impact your present. 
  • You’re a spiritual detective already on the healing path, and want to create a daily practice find your authentic voice. This works well for recovering perfectionists and people-pleasers.
  • You’re a creative wildheart with so many ideas, you don’t know where to begin, and would like some direction to lose that frustrating overwhelm. 
  • You’re a writer (or wannabe author) with an idea for a book, article, or blog, but don’t know how to get started. 
  • You’re a business owner and you want to get clear on your messaging, so it’s aligned with your energy to attract your ideal client.
  • You’re a dreamer and visionary and you want to manifest your big, audacious dreams into reality and live a life you love.


6 HOURS OF 1:1 WHATSAPP COACHING – You’ll have me in your back pocket. Book into my diary from Monday to Thursday where you’ll receive practical and emotional support by voice notes / text messages. I’ll coach you through your resistance, and give you tips and techniques for when you feel stuck or avoidant. We’ll navigate this together, and very likely pull oracle and tarot cards for deeper insights & inspiration. You have 2 months to use the sessions in your package.

IMPORTANT: Expect resistance as you spiral deeper into your heart and meet yourself there. Don’t worry, we’ll work through this together, but you must be ready for this to happen. It will bring up uncomfortable feelings and it will set you free! This is not for accountability in terms of me checking in with you daily. You are responsible for messaging me and using me. 

“Better than 6 weeks of talk therapy!

“Thank you for creating something so EASY and yet brilliant! I got MORE out of this than the 6 weeks of talk therapy I’ve just completed.”

Wildheart Journaler

“I’ve reached a place of self-acceptance.”

“I never stick to anything. I didn’t think I’d do it every day. I’m so pleased I did. It’s been a really worthwhile and profound experience. I’ve reached a place of ACCEPTANCE about who I am and I’m finally LOVING myself.”

Wildheart Journaler

“Meeting my true self for the first time!”

“Learning to journal has opened a gateway into ‘me’ that is life changing. In 30 days I know myself better, have learnt to listen to the ‘right’ voices and have found kindness and compassion for myself where it wasn’t before.Thank you Lisa, your guidance, kindness and validation is a remarkable gift that I am very grateful for. I LOVED this!”

Wildheart Journaler

“I’ve been sleeping deeply and not waking in the night!”

Since completing 30-days of journaling with Lisa I’ve been sleeping so much better, really deep sleeps – not struggling to get to sleep at all and not waking in the night either which is AMAZING! I have also noticed that my social anxiety has decreased. I’m coming away from things feeling ok and happy to just be me and definitely less triggered by life in general. For the FIRST time in my healing journey, I’ve understood what you meant by the space after the work that allows your body to process, heal and catch up with your brain. I can remember seeing your posts about the power in your pen and having no idea what that would look like and now I’m truly seeing and feeling this. Thank you!”

Wildheart Journaler

“I felt stuck and afraid of getting old, but found out how brave and strong I am!”

“Just love journaling with you. The 30-day journal experience was truly ENLIGHTENING and life enriching. I have learned to journal out my feelings and give myself COMPASSION for mistakes I have made. I am kinder to myself. I have a better understanding of who I am, where I want to be, and who I want to be with for the next adventure of my life. Looking forward to the future with so much JOY!”

Wildheart Journaler

“The gift of courage to find my lost soul

I was a blogger and I put my pen to rest forever after some awful online incidents. I didn’t pick it up again for years, until recently when you invited me to your journaling class. You may feel you have not seen the impact of your work in online interactions or traffic, but it’s THE HEART you’ve turned. I struggled to write at first, but with the sessions I’ve attended, I have the COURAGE to be with my pen and have the CONFIDENCE to give value to what I write. I think it’s the biggest courage and feeling you can give to somebody – like finding your lost soul. Thank you!”

Wildheart Journaler

“I was way out of my comfort zone and it blew my mind!

“I’ve never been one to journal, but this was completely different! I came to see Lisa feeling STUCK and frozen out from my feelings, with no sense of what I needed. Lisa’s guidance and techniques made it possible for me to offload. I left feeling CONNECTED and LIGHTER. Such a peaceful space which is non-challenging and allows room for self-discovery. Thank you Lisa!”

Wildheart Journaler

Hi I’m Lisa. I am an Intuitive Coach, Creative Encourager & Story Doula.

I’m passionate about journaling to help highly sensitives unearth their truth.

Whatever is inside of you needs to be expressed. Whether that’s your gifts to share with the world, or like me, the false beliefs and nasty inner critic that holds you back from reaching your full potential in life.

I’ll be your experienced, compassionate guide to help you navigate the unknown, and the magic that is the creative process. I’m on your team and will give you intuitive insights into what you cannot see, or what is blocking you. It’s your time to become the author of your fabulous HSP life!

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