Are you the parent of a worried child? 

Do you worry watching them tie themselves up in knots when they’ve got something on their mind?

They struggle to switch off and sleep, to try new things and enjoy  school. Maybe they worry about getting it wrong or what other people think of them. 

My new online course ‘Get Your Worries Out’ means children can take their power back and not let their worries rule their life. I wrote this for all the worry warts, big and small everywhere because I want to show you all the practical and easy ways I’ve learnt to manage my own worries. 

I’m searching for 5 -10 willing and committed families to take part in this fab and powerful coaching course. 

You will find a brief course outline below. It’s a mixture of live group coaching with me, coaching activities and videos. 

You will need:  to be available for the duration of the 6 week course, a Facebook account, time to do the exercises and activities (minimum of approximately 1 hour a week or more if you want to), be willing to give feedback as we go.

Next Intake of Families:  Wednesday 7th November

Sign up here for an Application Form

I want to make sure this is the right programme for your family and also that we’re a good fit for each other. Pop your details in here and I’ll send you an application form which is basically a few questions to help us work it out. We will then have a quick chat over the phone and get connected. I want you to be really confident and clear that you are getting what you need.



Don’t let worries rule your life!

In my coaching room, the top 3 worries that those gorgeous children bring to me are:

1. Getting it wrong
2. Getting told off
3. What other people think of them
If you have a worried child, I’m sure you’re familiar with the signs that worries have gotten too big.

Your child may …

  • Not be able to sleep at night or take a long time to get to sleep
  • Can’t eat or develop tummy aches / headaches because of their worries
  • Avoid meeting new people or taking part in new activities
  • Stop enjoying school or wanting to go there
  • Withdraw and over think / analyse what has happened to them
  • Live more in the past or the future
  • Ask lots of questions or need lots of reassurance about their worries
  • Stop enjoying their usual routine /activities because of the worries

Does your child get like this?

It’s like they can  never seem to be at PEACE in their little bodies.

My worries never go away completely

My goal is not to silence them. I find the more I try to shrink it or ignore them, the louder they get. No. My goal is to be with my thoughts and listen. Sometimes my worries have important messages to give me. On this particular day, they wanted me to slow down and stop trying so hard. They wanted me to let go and let things happen as they are meant to –  without me trying to control the outcome. If my worries tell me fibs, which they often do, then I give them another job to do.

Brief Course Outline 

£275 (or a payment plan – 3 monthly payments of £92) includes 6 modules delivered over 6 weeks in Smiley’s usual coaching style – a combo of creative exercises (you don’t have to be Picasso), journalling, videos, resources and live group coaching with Smiley.

This will be drip fed (so you don’t get overwhelmed) via my Online Learning Den supplemented with the on-going group support in a private Facebook Group. You will get … 

  • regular prompts for discussion and reflection
  • worksheets, coaching videos and activities 
  • mini challenges to put your learnings into action 
  • a weekly 45 minute live coaching call with me every Wednesday at 6pm delivered by video broadcast inside the Facebook Group for each module (see below for module outlines)

This course is for you …

If you are aged between 8 – 12 and you feel overwhelmed and flooded with worries. You want to do something about it and you’re ready to learn new ways to tackle those pesky worries head on. 


Take Back Your Power 

By the end of this course your child can expect to….

  • live in the moment more often and feel relaxed
  • find a place for the worries that doesn’t harm them
  • understand they are in control of their thoughts and worries
  • realise that worrying doesn’t change anything and how to let go
  • recognise the part they play in making the worries worse and that they have choices
  • have a toolkit of super powers to fight back when their worries get too big 
  • feel motivated and confident to know what to do when they feel worried

Week 1 Welcome & Worries Assessment – – Audit your worries to find out what’s really bothering you. Look at your worry triggers – people, places and situations. Recognise where your worries show up in your body, make friends with them and listen to the messages they’re trying to tell you. 

Week 2 Take Back Your Power – – This is where you discover that you can change the worry cycle that you feel trapped in, and make different choices so that you are in charge. Great!

Week 3 Firing Up Your Super Powers – – Learn about the 9 super powers you possess which give you the strength to fight back and keep your worries at bay. You select the super powers which work best for you and create your own toolkit – everybody will have a different approach and different needs to be met.

Week 4 Firing Up Your Super Powers Part 2– – Further explore and find ways to make the most of your super powers so they can become part of your everyday life.  Taking action will make you feel better and there will be less time for your worries to creep in. As well as more space in your mind and body for feeling good.

Week 5 Learning Advanced Super Powers  – –  Build on your toolkit with these advanced super powers. We will deep dive into mindfulness, tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and journalling to reduce your worries and set them free. Letting go is a skill and it takes time. You need to feel safe enough to release your feelings. Smiley will help you to feel safe.

Week 6  Get Your Worries Out – – Putting everything together and remembering all that we have learnt. Smiley also has three special BONUSES for you: a masterclass on stress, a guided relaxation download for moving icky feelings out of your body and a special relaxation to help you sleep at night. 


The stuff my son is coming out with is amazing, saddening and touching. He is holding up his pictures and answers to your questions to the screen for you to see!

I’m really pleased as it has given me such an insight into how he actually feels.

I love the techniques you share. We really enjoyed being able to send our worries away by making paper aeroplanes.

Thank you so much. I can’t put into words succinctly how I feel about the sessions.  I’m feeling hopeful this is just the beginning for us!’

Karen, A Happy Mum from Surrey

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