What type of Smiley coaching?

There is something for everybody, so have a look around and trust yourself to decide what you think is right for your child.

I think coaching works best when it’s a family affair; a child’s behaviour is a symptom of their environment. They’re communicating to us that something doesn’t feel right.  All behaviour is driven by feelings and so growing emotional intelligence is at the heart of my work.

If you’re not sure about what is right for you, then you can book a Parents Free Clarity Call or a Child’s Taster Session.

Smiley School – Home Learning Packs

Tap into all Smiley’s wonderful coaching tools and learn  from the comfort of your own home. There are lots of engaging fun videos, worksheets and audios all created and presented by Smiley. These easy step-by-step coaching packs allow you to go at your own pace and learn together as a family from any electronic device.

121 Emergency Coaching 

One off trouble-shooting session with Smiley to tackle your child’s specific struggle. Each one is 50 minutes and has email follow up with Smiley recommendations. Available for children aged 8 right through to adults via video (Skype or Facetime) with Smiley.

121 Private Online Child Coaching 

These are premium personalised coaching programmes designed to tackle your child’s specific struggle. Each one is moulded to fit your child’s unique personality. Available for children aged 8 right through to teens via regular video calls (Skype or Facetime) with Smiley.

VIP Family Intensives

Create a harmonious family life that lasts with my 3-month intensive coaching programme for parents and children. 

This programme works specifically well for parents who have childhood trauma or were raised in abusive families.  It’s also popular with Mums who have lost their Mums early in life or have tricky relationships with their parents. If you want to break the cycle and leave a different legacy for your children, this programme is for you.

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