Truly Madly Smiley Podcast

Come away from the noise and go within. Tune in to the Truly Madly Smiley Podcast. An emotional education for life. You can listen for free or buy a backstage pass to access all the magic. 

The Energy Pod

Ready to start learning how to take care of your emotions? The Energy Pod is a series of mini coaching downloads with Smiley to help you prioritise your emotional wellbeing and find emotional freedom. Practical soothing techniques for children aged 7 + to reset the emotional thermostat in your home or  learning environment.

121 Private Online Child Coaching 

These are premium personalised coaching programmes designed to tackle your child’s specific struggle. Each one is moulded to fit your child’s unique personality. Available for children aged 10 right through to teens via regular video calls (Zoom or Whatsapp) with Smiley.

Expert Guidance for Parents

A one-off call for parents with a specific question or looking for answers. Together we will get to the heart of the matter, and I’ll quickly move you from stuck to Smiley. 3 days after our call, you will receive your Customised Coaching Success Blueprint with my expert observations, suggested areas for improvement, some quick wins and immediate actions, and a proposed on-going plan of action of how we can work together.


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