Are you a spiritual detective that’s curious to understand more about your lovely Wildheart self and what you came here for?

Discover your Unique Energy Vibration

Your Wildheart Blueprint is a unique combination of astrology, oracle cards and my Wildheart intuitive coaching insights. Feel inspired as you explore what gives your life meaning, and how you can best use your energy to live the life that feels right for you.

Listen to your Sensitive Heart

 Many Wildhearts are natural healers. So let’s help you step out of the ‘woo‘ closet to uncover and fully embrace your Wildheart gifts. Let’s get clear why you are here and remember the essence of who you truly are.  

Ready to find the truths you hold deep in your heart? 

Before your session, you’ll receive a pdf with your blueprint and workbook. During our session, you’ll be able to fill it out as we explore together exactly what your heart wants you to know. We’ll focus on:

♥ Your true nature and what makes your heart happy

♥ The energetic vibration of your heart and what drives you

What you’re here to do in this lifetime and how your self-expression is most influential

♥ Your Wildheart gifts and strengths

♥ What is most fulfilling and gives your life most meaning

♥ What you need to work on so it becomes an asset instead of a burden.


After our session, you’ll receive a recording so you can refer back and expand on your learnings.

It takes courage, but when you follow your heart, you’re choosing to be true to yourself – really living life on your terms. This is what you came to do! Your Wildheart Blueprint gives you clarity so you know where to focus your precious energy and not get overwhelmed. It can also inspire ideas, guide life decisions, influence behaviour, shape your dreams, offer a sense of direction, and create deeper meaning.

Happy Wildhearts with Blueprints …


10/10 would recommend a Wildheart Blueprint for anyone wanting to find themselves in a gentle but MAGICAL way. When you come from a traumatic background it’s really easy to lose sight of what your own PURPOSE in life is. The blueprint gave me CLARITY and TRANSPARENCY as to why I was put on this earth. It gave me the push I needed to start making things happen for me. You made me feel at home through the whole session and explained everything so well. I am so glad I went with my intuition to book after hearing about it on the podcast. I’ve always had conflicting sides of my personality and struggled finding a BALANCE between them all.  Your notes and the session have opened another way of thinking for me. It looks so LOVELY. Thank you for everything you do!

I bought this as a gift for my daughter who is struggling to decide what to do after she’s finished her exams. We’ve repeatedly reassured her that her sensitivity is a blessing and that her future lies in a creative endeavour. We are not parents who want to push her down a road – we want her to choose and for her to follow her heart. She found her Wildheart Blueprint super helpful to learn about  herself in this way. She was reassured about how accurate you were about her personality. I’ve caught her reading it on more than one occasion. It’s also made for some interesting conversations between the two of us. It’s lovely to see her feeling confident enough to draw her own conclusions. Thank you for your clarity and insights – what a gift!” 

Book Your Wildheart Blueprint today!

Got Questions? 

Can’t see your question? Drop me an email.

🤍 Who is this for?
This is for women of all ages, including teens.
🤍 What happens in the session?

The session will be on Facetime or Whatsapp. I’ll send your blueprint and workbook before the call. During this 90 minute session, you’ll be able to ask me questions and complete the workbook as I share with you insights about your natal chart. I will need your exact date, time and place of birth to download an accurate chart. I may also pull tarot/oracle cards and ask you questions. 

🤍 What information do I need to provide?

To get the most accurate results, you will need to provide the exact date, time and location of your birth. You also have the choice to send a jpeg photograph to include on the front cover (this is optional).

🤍 I have one more question
No worries. Just send me a message or go to the contact page and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
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