Not shaming or judging anybody …..and totally calling out this sneaky pattern of self-betrayal.

Myself included! I’m not a stranger to putting myself last.

Lots of us were emotionally neglected as children, or were not role modelled healthy emotional regulation, and consequently as adults, we are terrified of our emotional inner worlds.

It’s not your fault. Nobody taught you. Want to learn?

When we’re not emotionally connected to ourselves, we numb out the uncomfortable feelings like guilt, sadness, anger etc. and at the same time, we also block out our intuition, creativity and joy.

In this space, life is a tired struggle and pure survival. Emotions can feel uncomfortable, alien, overwhelming, confusing and at times shameful. They can trigger off all our suppressed emotional pain.

To cope we comfort eat, drink, mindlessly scroll & idly gossip.

The way to break this sabotaging pattern of behaviour is to do the total opposite – prioritise yourself little and often. Even if it starts off as one or two minutes a day.

If doing that puts you into a stress response of:

  • FIGHT (getting frustrated and beating yourself up)
  • FLIGHT (keeping busy, procrastinating)
  • FREEZE (shut down & disconnect)

….then I invite you to learn how to expand your window of tolerance – your ability to sit with and fully process all your feelings.

I am currently offering an Emotional First Aid Private Coaching Session which does exactly that. You will learn:

  • how to start tuning into and trusting your body.
  • how to release blocked emotions that are holding you back, or making you sick.
  • how to really feel your feelings fully to help expand your window of tolerance.

This session also Includes a complimentary copy of my Emotional First Aid Kit which can also be purchased as a standalone product.

>>Click HERE to book your session today!

The more you’re able to master your emotions, the less time you’ll spend time in your head lost in overthinking, catastrophising and buying into all the BS your inner critic tells you.

It is BS. Don’t listen to that nasty fibber.

You’re a really decent person {$name}

Yours Wildheartedly,

Lisa x

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