You are smart, considerate and kind.

Your life is busy, complex and fast paced …and sometimes you lose yourself, forget what’s important to you and end up confused, overwhelmed & frustrated.

As your mind races, you overthink and wish you could find the off switch for your brain. If only there was a way to reconnect to your truth and get the answers you want quickly. 

I’ll help you free yourself from confusion and self-doubt, so you can get your sparkle back!

Unlock your Magic is a quick 1-hour TAROT THERAPY session that will help you turn down the volume on your noisy mind and tune into your intuition.

This is NOT me giving you the answers, but finding the answers that are right for you, and in perfect alignment with your soul’s desire. 

Imagine what a relief it would be to talk to somebody who knows how to send self-doubt and overwhelm packing. Somebody who can help you unravel and make sense of your busy mind. Somebody who has a simple tried and tested technique that taps into exactly the RIGHT answers for YOU!  


How much more time would you have to do more of the things you love, if you could ditch the thoughts of impending doom and step off the worry train?  

Have a listen to this episode of The Wildheart Diaries to find out more about how Tarot Therapy can help heal from ANXIETY and DEPRESSION.

Hello! I’m Lisa (also known as the lady who takes your worries away). I teach sensitive women how to free themselves from overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt, so they can confidently follow their hearts!

I’ll be there to ask you the right questions, give you intuitive insights, shine a light on your blind spots and guide you towards your soul’s desire. I’ll help you work out all the possibilities, dissolve the self-doubt and gently challenge you where you might be holding yourself back. I’ll teach you how to help yourself when life gets tricky and overwhelming because I believe you are the expert on you! 


Are you ready to unlock your MAGIC and get your SPARKLE back?

I got in touch with a wise knowing presence that sees and interprets a bigger picture. It could effortlessly put pieces together – not like all the tiresome thinking I had been caught up in. The session was FUN and it gave me a precious chance to have time with myself and breathe. I loved that I was able to access a layer of myself underneath my habitual thoughts. It felt freeing and lovely, a little like a breath of fresh air to meet a ‘myself’, a ‘self’, a close friend, who is always there with me, living life with me every day but who I do not normally meet. Thank you.

I’m currently in a chapter on my healing journey where my freeze response seems to be in over-drive. That was certainly the case this week. I’ve never been a ‘journaller’ or creative, so this felt slightly out of my comfort zone! Lisa’s guidance and techniques made it possible for me to offload. I had no idea that what came out onto the paper was even in my head. I made sense of my feelings and left feeling connected and lighter. Such a cathartic, peaceful experience which helped me find my own way to the answers. Thank you Lisa!

“After our call, it struck me how extremely intuitive and observant you are. You picked up on all my fears around my children. You asked the difficult questions that were long overdue. I found it challenging in places, but you were kind and insightful. Despite already having had many hours of counselling, you cut straight to the truth. You’ve opened my eyes, and I see things so differently. I see the path ahead clearly and I know what I have to do to make that happen.

“Life has definitely got easier and less tiring.This has been the much-needed off switch for my brain. It hasn’t just reduced my anxiety and crippling self-doubt, but it’s given me a direct hotline to all the answers. I love the concept of creating more space for love and observing how I block that, or don’t let myself receive it. I’ve definitely been putting myself first more, without the guilt or worry about what other people think! Thank you.” 

“I had a million thoughts going through my head. The conversation flowed effortlessly – Lisa let me ramble and sieved through it all to help me find the gold! It was much more fun than I had anticipated. None of the dread of staring at my to do list and not getting stuff done. Lisa lasered in on where I needed to go – that really took away the overwhelm. Then I could work out what was best for me. Afterwards, I felt calm and in control. I noticed that I woke up the next day feeling less anxious. I’m going to start trusting my judgement and listen to myself more. Thank you Lisa!

“You have such a lovely delivery. You say what needs to be said, but with kindness. Thank you! This is a brilliant way to make sense of the circus in my mind. I was surprised at the powerful insights that came from our session. I’m clear about what I need to do now. I’ve got confirmation of what I thought I wanted to do, but was uncertain about. I’m listening to my heart now – what is right for me instead of getting blown about by all the noise and drama.”

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