Episode 24

Two Things That Are Stopping You From Healing

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I am sharing with you the two things that are very likely getting in your way or slowing down your healing. Sometimes, we feel like we are taking two steps forward and ten steps back, but really what we are doing is spiralling deeper into having an authentic relationship with ourselves. So, slow down and be patient. Enjoy getting to know yourself. This episode is packed with journal prompts which will make you think about how you can help yourself when you feel stuck. 

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Welcome to The Wildheart Diaries

A podcast for brave souls, sensitives and spiritual detectives. Finding yourself after abuse or childhood trauma is a bit like solving a mystery or doing a jigsaw puzzle, without the box. It’s not fun though. It’s hard and it’s lonely. What really helps is having a friend who gets you and sits with you while you figure it all out. That will be me then! Hello, I’m Lisa. I want to share my healing adventures with you – the practical and the woo. I’ve recorded these chats to give you hope, comfort and the courage to follow your wild heart.


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