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Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time…

0.40  How not knowing what the future holds is really hard for anxious bodies.

1.53  Why I’m taking a stand and talking about my mental health, moments of darkness and my struggle to help families.

2.40  How attaching ‘stories’ to certain times of the year adds pressure to an already busy world that we live in.

4.25  How there are flip sides to all struggles and what one thing that is really needed more than anything.

5.36  How events of my week inspired this live and showed me ways of trusting what we can’t see.

6.42 How parents’ fear has an impact on the environment.

9.22  Why parenting is like living in a dark room.

11.10  How my blind lady friend showed me the importance of listening to our intuition and our bodies.

12.58  Why I launched The Energy Pod and why it’s so important for children.

14.18  Explore the energy in your home…is it like a lingering f*rt or is it more like fireworks!?! Work this out for your family.

18.34  Why bedtime with your child is like charging your phone at the end of the day.

19.39  How trusting yourself as a parent can change the energy in your home. You have the power!

20.52  How conflict resolution was dealt with when you were growing up and why the silent treatment is abusive.

21.17  Why your child could be out of control and trying to be the boss of you.

21.46  How simple relaxation can change the energy of your children and your home.

 22.32  Scary statistics of parent exhaustion.

24.40  How my Smiley Thought Cards are the answer to training your brain to trust yourself – this works for children and adults!

25.54  How children can learn to manage their own mental/emotional wellbeing.

27.07  Why we are all guilty of waiting to reach crisis point (me included!) and waiting for rock bottom is too late.

29.00  What actually goes on in The Energy Pod? (you can also catch up and download previous classes here).

31.06  Why I believe children are not their labels.

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