Episode 16 – The One with the Green Eyed Monster

Do you ever wish that your life was like other people’s? Do you want what they have got? I think we’ve all felt like this at times but, it doesn’t feel great not liking the life we have and comparing ourselves to others.  As we approach Christmas and the...

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Episode 15 – The One with the Shouty Teacher

Lots of you have been telling me you’ve got a shouty teacher at school who you are scared of. I used to have one of those too. In fact, in life, there are quite a few shouty people who cross our path. We can’t get rid of all the shouty people...

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Episode 14 – The One with the Frozen Planet

Today’s episode is about a serious subject. Well actually; it’s the source of fun and pleasure for many of us. It’s something most of us use every day. Some of us plan our lives with it and some of us feel lost without it. It’s something that connects us...

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Episode 13 – The One with the Marvellous Medicine

If I was a Doctor and you came to see me because you felt poorly, I would probably prescribe you some medicine or something to help you feel better.  I want people to feel better. We spend too much time worrying, feeling miserable and wishing...

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Episode 12 – The One With the Worry Explosion

Have you ever felt like the worries are building up inside your head so much that you get a headache or a tummy ache? A bit like when you put baked beans or soup in the microwave and don’t cover them up. Splat! Whoopsie! A mini microwave...

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Episode 11 – The One With the Concrete Boots

  What do you feel like when you have to do something you’ve never done before?  Maybe you’re starting a new school or you want to join a new club and make new friends, but don’t know where to begin. It’s almost like you’re wearing concrete boots....

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Episode 10 – The One With the Ouchy Old Bruise

Do people often call you sensitive or tell you that you over react to what they say? Do you know that you bruise easily, like a peach. Your skin is soft and a little furry. On the inside you are soft and juicy. Mmm you sound really yummy! In...

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Episode 9 – The One With the Best Day Ever!

Imagine if every day when you woke up, you told your brain it was going to have a good day? What’s that you say: ‘You want to stay in bed? You hate school? You’ve got too much homework?’ Yeah  I know.  I have days like that too. Life can get...

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When growing up becomes a bit tricky and you want somebody to truly madly understand what you are going through …

Call on Smiley!

This is the only show where children everywhere get their weekly burst of confidence, encouragement, love and positivity. Tune in and hang out with the girl who felt alone and worried growing up. She knows how you feel. You’ll discover how she found the courage to handle mean girls, shouty teachers, and her crazy step Mum. She’ll inspire you with the whacky ways she got over her fear of the dark, her loneliness and the pressure of school. These things often stopped her sleeping and having fun. So she created her own fun and she wants to help you create yours too.

If you have a big imagination, you will love Truly Madly Smiley!

When life gets you down, this is a must- listen. Like a warm and fuzzy hug, you’ll be back to your old self in no time at all.

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