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Truly Madly Smiley is an essential emotional education for 7-11 year olds. The popular podcast for busy Wildhearts who are on a mission to discover their own kind of happy ….one episode at a time. 



Want to know the secret to happiness?

You were born to be different. You don’t have to be like the others. Besides what makes them happy, might not work for you. You don’t have to figure it all out today, but the challenge is to create enough quiet space inside your heart to find your own way.


– Creator + Host – Smiley Coach Lisa

 Are you a sensitive, creative Wildheart, age 7-11 with a big imagination and a big heart? Tune in and hang out with Smiley Lisa (the UK’s beloved kids’ Coach & author) who felt alone and worried growing up. She gets it. Like a warm and fuzzy hug, each episode is a friendly burst of positivity, encouragement for tricky times and practical advice about life.

She’ll keep you company when you’re bored, teach you how to take care of your feelings and make you laugh. She’ll also tell you how she embraced her sensitivity as a superpower, got over her fear of the dark, stopped feeling lonely and learnt how to find the magic in everyday life.

Are you ready to get your happy on?

Imagine growing up believing in yourself. 

You’ll get really good at knowing who you are, what matters to you and what you want. Over time, you’ll feel strong, happy and free to be yourself. Imagine that! No more worry about what everybody else is doing or if you’re getting it right because your powerful smile will be shining from the inside. You’ll know in your heart and trust that everything’s going to be okay.

Join thousands of sensitive, creative Wildhearts – they’re just like you!

They want to find their own kind of happy – they’re committed to following their hearts and creating a simpler, slower pace of life on their terms. Listen on all major podcast platforms, or via the website. Enjoy some of the most popular episodes for free. Or buy a backstage pass to unlock all the Wildheart wisdom and exclusive members’ magic.

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Episode 49 – The One with the Game, Set + Screaming Match

What happens in your family when people disagree? Do you respect and calmly discuss your differing thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas? Or do things often get to boiling point. Is there a big power struggle about who is right or wrong? Do people get told off and punished? Does anybody get hurt? Conflict is an important part of all human relationships. Not all disagreements have to be angry, sulky or scary. Let’s talk about that some more.

Episode 48 – The One with the Powerful Words

Words are powerful! They carry energy and they can build us up or they can bring us down. Grow your empathy and learn to think before you speak! Play a fun game and learn how your brain assigns meanings and memories to words. Become a scientist and discover this amazing experiment where you’ll get real proof that words can really have an effect on us.

Episode 47 – The One with the Magical Morning Routine

The way you start your day really sets the tone for what’s to come. Do you start slow and feel ready for the day ahead?

Or are you rushing about stressed – not able to enjoy it for fear of being late or forgetting something?

Today I’m going to share with you how you can make mornings more enjoyable and less stressful. I want you to start your day with a smile! Not one on your face – that would be nice, but even if you’re grumpy in the morning, you have an inner smile that you can activate.






‘We’re a nation of exhausted and over-stressed adults raising over-scheduled children.’

– Brene Brown

Today’s behavioural issues come from excess.

Overconsuming, overscheduling and living life at breakneck speed interrupts a child’s natural rhythms. It also creates intolerable stress which if left unaddressed will very quickly manifest into something more serious.

Child Psychologist Kim Payne, author of  Simplicity Parenting says that with constant stress, children can slide into hyperactivity, inattentiveness or into OCD, or  “stuckness,”  – it’s their response to inescapable stress. This is especially worrisome in a society that is quick to judge, label, and prescribe. 

Children need to be bored so they can find ways to overcome boredom by themselves. Space and downtime are essential building blocks of creativity and independence.

You’ll love this if you’re ….

❤ a highly sensitive & determined Wildheart. 

❤ called an Empath, crystal, indigo or rainbow child. 

❤ a creative introvert who enjoys quiet alone time to recharge. 

a deep thinker with a busy brain & lots of excess energy. 

a kind and caring soul who cares deeply for animals & our planet. 

a feisty spirited Wildheart who pushes the boundaries & thinks outside the box.

tired of feeling misunderstood or like you don’t belong.

an Intuitive Educator or Guide who is a life-long learner committed to holistically raising children. 

❤  a homeschooler searching for new learning ideas & motivation.

Ditch the OVERWHELM! Go at your own pace and learn how to style out your own version of HAPPINESS… one episode at a time.  

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There’s less noise. There’s more space to be truly madly you-ly. For just £8.99 a month you can pick and listen from the entire back catalogue (over 45 episodes + 2 new ones added every month), a 40-page creative printable journal, 5 feature length bonus workshops and a backstage forum so you can chat, laugh, and proudly share your creative artwork after the show is over.

“Brilliant. I cannot put into words how much my daughter LOVES TMS! She listens in bed and on the way to school. We’ve reduced falling asleep time from 2 hours to 20 minutes. We’ve had so many heart to hearts in the car on the way to school. It’s such an easy listen – very relatable and friendly. Like a wise auntie giving your child good advice! My daughter is always asking me when the next one will be released. I‘m so glad we found you.”

Mum of 2 Wildhearts

“She really listens to you, takes it all in. She’s not big on journaling, colouring in, or listening to any other podcast, but you, she loves! It was a couple of years ago that a friend sent me your link on Facebook, and I am so very grateful she did! We love love love Truly Madly Smiley. It’s easy for my 10-year old to navigate herself whenever she needs to. She tends to listen before she goes to sleep at night. Honestly, they have really helped us through some difficult times.Thank you for all your amazing work. You are a brilliant coach and I’ve recommended you to so many people.”

Mama Jennie

Intuitive Guide

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