I want to make growing up easier

Life is stressful for Wildhearts, growing up in a noisy, busy world. They need a solid core and connection with their inner world to navigate its choppy waters. They often get stuck in their big feelings and struggle to express themselves. Overwhelm can sometimes look like withdrawal, anger, avoidance or feeling poorly.

It’s a huge relief, when somebody who has been there can put all those scary thoughts into words. 💕 

Truly Madly Smiley is your Fraunt (friendly aunt Smiley Lisa) exploring the world through your Wildheart eyes. She grew up as a strong-willed sensitive child and totally gets it. She makes learning easy, fun and not stressy at all.

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🎧 Episode #52 The One with the Secret to Happiness

🎧 Episode #71 The One with the Worried Wildhearts

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My daughter and I love listening and learning from you. She persistently asks when the next episode will be released. We’ve implemented lots of your fabulous ideas and they’ve definitely made life easier. The morning routine, the homework drama, and the friendship worries are all under control. It’s a bit like a wise auntie giving you sound advice! Thank you!

Brilliant. I cannot put into words how much my daughter LOVES Truly Madly Smiley! I wish we’d started listening sooner, the change it’s had on her is incredible. We’ve reduced falling asleep time from 2 hours to 20 minutes. We’ve had so many heart to hearts in the car on the way to school. It’s such an easy listen – very relatable and friendly. 

Before we started, I hadn’t really appreciated how much these skills you teach will help my kids with everything in life. It’s been such a profound realisation and I’m so grateful to have found you. They are so engaged and excited by it. They are telling all their friends to tune in. I wish this was more of a regular thing that was part of standard education. 

   With all the crazy external distractions in the world, let’s find a way to make it easier!

Let’s empower Wildhearts to:

 ▪ follow their hearts

 ▪  discover what makes them happy

▪  believe in themselves

▪  take charge of intense emotions

▪  feel proud to be sensitive

  navigate change with confidence

▪  feel motivated to try new things

▪  bounce back from disappointment & curve balls

▪  thrive in a busy, noisy world that is often overwhelming & overstimulating

▪  find healthy friendships that are drama free

▪  have the courage to speak up when it matters most

It’s so easy! You can’t get it wrong! Just listen regularly and notice how you feel when you start to understand yourself, and your place in the world more clearly.

Get organised! I’ve made you these weekly plans so you can make the most of your listening time and prioritise your emotional wellbeing. 👇  You’re welcome!

Give your child the gift of emotional resilience & prepare them for life as a Wildheart!

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