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To those at the back too scared to speak,

I hear you! I’m the reassurance you seek.

To those locked into the comparison game,

I feel you! Sadly, I know that shame.

To those who worry about what others will say,

I get it! You edit parts of yourself away.

To those who worry about what others will think,

I understand how much it hurts when their opinions stink.

To those who can’t switch off their busy brain,

I’m right here to talk away your pain.

To those who are trying to be perfect all day long,

I’m giving you permission to get it wrong.

To those who can’t relax and sleep at night,

I’m here to make you safe and hold you tight.

To those who feel forgotten and left out,

I’m erasing any nasty thoughts of self-doubt.

To those who feel confused or misunderstood,

I’m seeing you more clearly than they ever could.

To those who are judged and trying to save face,

I believe you, I’ll hold your truth in this space.

To those who are grieving and feel emptiness,

I’m with you and your tears, sitting in the mess.

To those of you who hurt and have been left in the cold,

I’m giving you my warm hand to hold.

To those who feel like they want to go home,

I feel that too; you’re not alone.

To those who feel hopeless and in despair,

I’m your friend, you belong and I’ll always be there.




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