Episode 43

How I Found Time to Journal

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m calling you out on your excuses (yes I know, I make them too) and giving you some super helpful tips on sitting down and getting that pen moving. You’ll hear me talk about what I recommend if you want to use journaling as a powerful tool for healing. 

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Welcome to The Wildheart Diaries

A podcast for brave souls, sensitives and spiritual detectives. Finding yourself after abuse or childhood trauma is a bit like solving a mystery or doing a jigsaw puzzle, without the box. It’s not fun though. It’s hard and it’s lonely. What really helps is having a friend who gets you and sits with you while you figure it all out. That will be me then! Hello, I’m Lisa. I want to share my healing adventures with you – the practical and the woo. I’ve recorded these chats to give you hope, comfort and the courage to follow your wild heart.


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