The excitement levels whizz off the charts at Christmas time. Your child’s energy is prone to getting very big as the anticipation of all the sugar, presents and family time buzzes all around them.

Sensitive children get easily overwhelmed

The pressure of making sure everybody has a good time gets the better of the big people too. If that’s you, you might like to read this blog post ‘ What does Your Child Really Want for Christmas?’.

I’ve created this very special bedtime relaxation to help your child drift off to sleep feeling relaxed and happy. You don’t need to save it until Christmas Eve, you can start now! You can read this email from a Mum whose daughter loves it.

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Helpful Smiley Stuff in this Episode:

If your child likes falling to sleep in this way, be sure to check out my Smiley Sweet Dreams Pack which is perfect for overthinkers, worrywarts and restless bodies. You will get:

11 Smiley Downloads (120 mins of bliss) to send your child off to sleep feeling relaxed, safe and happy.

Download 1 Twinkle in the Darkness (9 mins) – this one is if you are scared of the dark or don’t like being on your own.
Download 2 The Dream Machine (11 mins)  – this one is to help you generate and choose happy dreams. That’s helpful if you’re having nightmares.
Download 3 Energy Clearing Exercise (10 mins)  – this one is to cleanse your energy field. Wildhearts are very sensitive and absorb other people’s energy throughout the day. You want to make sure you’re not taking all that to bed with you.
Download 4 Get Your Happy On (14 mins) – read here how my client Poppy used this to feel more confident about her choir performance.
Download 5 Into the Forest (11 mins) – this one will help your child feel calm, relaxed and confident.
Download 6 Rainbow Power (18 mins) –  this one uses colour to help you feel light, free, peaceful and safe inside your body and it’s also good for practising your deep belly breathing.
Download 7 Energy Grounding Exercise (5 mins) – this one is to help you wind down if your energy has gotten big and hyper or you’re a bit too excited to sleep.
Download 8 Heart to Heart Relaxation for Separation Anxiety (21 mins) – this one is for those of you who find it hard to be away from a parent and will help with sleep overs and residentials, or just when you’re finding it hard to settle without a parent there.
Download 9 Pool of Disappointment (10 mins) – this one is for you if you find it hard to lose or are upset when something hasn’t turned out the way you hoped it would.
Download 10 Loving Kindness (5 mins) – this is a popular relaxation for ending the day by sending kindness to yourself and to others.
Download 11 The Happy Heart (8 mins) – this is when you’re feeling particularly sad or teary and want to have a quiet moment by yourself until the sadness passes.

‘Goodbye Bumps!’ A special bedtime story with Smiley about what to do when something or somebody is bugging you!

‘Reflect on your Day’ Smiley Colourful Printable so before you put the day to bed, you can take stock of what has happened and let go. We need to draw a line under it so we don’t drag it all into tomorrow. This printable has been created with that in mind for you to draw or write down your worries or anything you want to get out of your head before you settle in for the night.

Invite Your Worries To Tea coaching activity where Smiley invites you to invite your worries to tea, make friends with them and to stand up to them when they are being unkind or unhelpful. Nobody wants friends like that taking up space in their head, do they?!

Get Your Worries Out of Your Head Journalling Page when you write your worries down and set them free from your head, they lose their power. They get bigger and bigger when they rattle around in your head.

4 Bonus videos and additional resources to help with bedtime, relaxation and mindfulness for children who are anxious or have busy brains that find it hard to switch off at night time.


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