Truly Madly Smiley Episode List

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Episode 1 – The One Where it all Began

Episode 2 – The One With the Dark Dark Night (scared of the dark)

Episode 3 – The One With the Missing Gloves (losing and forgetting stuff) 

Episode 4 – The One With the Big Thought Hole (when you have a busy brain) 

Episode 5 – The One With the Fake Friends (choosing real friends) 

Episode 6 – The One With the Chinese Whispers (the consequences of gossip)  

Episode 7 – The One With the Leaky Bucket (managing your energy levels)  

Episode 8 – The One With the Noisy Brain (the negative thoughts in your head) 

Episode 9 – The One With the Best Day Ever! (resisting school or finding it tricky)

Episode 10 – The One With the Ouchy Old Bruise (embracing your sensitivity)

Episode 11 – The One With the Concrete Boots (feeling stuck or indecisive) 

Episode 12 – The One With the Worry Explosion (heading for burn out) 

Episode 13 – The One with the Marvellous Medicine (taking good care of yourself)

Episode 14 – The One with the Frozen Planet (screen time saturation)

Episode 15 – The One with the Shouty Teacher (feeling afraid at school)

Episode 16 – The One with the Green-Eyed Monster (jealousy is a valid feeling)

Episode 17 – The One with the New Beginning (yearly review – taking stock of how far you’ve come)

Episode 18 – The One when Loneliness Paid a Visit (when you don’t want to be by yourself)

Episode 19 – The One with the Broken Friendship (when it’s time to move on)

Episode 20 – The One with the Sicky Icky Soup (spotting manipulators and covert bullies)

Episode 21 – The One with the Break Up Break Down (ending a friendship)

Episode 22 – The One with the Revolving Door (on/off friendships)

Episode 23 – The One with the Zone of Genius (recognising your strengths)

Episode 24 – The One with the Bouncy Castle (emotional resilience)

Episode 25 – The One with the Magical World (the power of your imagination)

Episode 26 The One with the Horrendous Homework (tips for getting it done)

Episode 27 The One with the Raging Storm (angry outbursts)

Episode 28 The One with the Smiley Cheerleaders (gentle encouragement)

Episode 29 The One with the Soothing Sleep Sounds (guided visualisation to relax and soothe)

Episode 30 The One with Brilliant Ideas for Hungry Brains (creating a mood board)

Episode 31 The One with the Furry Friendship (healing with pets)

Episode 32 – The One with the Best News Ever (my book launch)

Episode 33 – The One with the Back to School Blues (returning after the holidays)

Episode 34 – The One with the Smiley Heart Message for September (new beginnings)

Episode 35  – The One with a Wildheart in the Spotlight

Episode 36 –  The One with the Cat’s Bottom (handling rejection)

Episode 37  – The One with the Curious Wildheart

Episode 38 – The One with the Smiley Heart Message for October (letting go of sadness)

Episode 39 – The One with the Visit to Heaven (dealing with grief)

Episode 40 – The One with the Boredom Busters

Episode 41 – The One with the Smiley Heart Message for November (making a difference to the world)

Episode 42 – The One with the Secret Sign Language (trusting what you cannot see)

Episode 43  – The One with the Coronavirus (talking about the global pandemic)

Episode 44 – The One with the Sunny Walk + Talk (mindfulness moments)

Episode 45 – The One with the Cabin Fever (coping with Covid lockdown)

Episode 46 – The One with the Curious Colourful Quiz (discovering the colour of your energy field)

Episode 47 –  The One with the Magical Morning Routine (start the day Smiley)

Episode 48 – The One with the Powerful Words (being kind)

Episode 49 – The One with the Game, Set + Screaming Match (conflicts and disagreements)

Episode 50 – The One with the Fair Fight Club (healthy conflict resolution)

Episode 51 – The One with the Big Summer Quiz (a little fun)

Episode 52 – The One with the Secret to Happiness (it’s not what you think )

Episode 53 – The One with the Moon Walk (letting go of drama and the people who cause it)

Episode 54 – The One with the Real Truth About Worries

Episode 55 – The One with the Comfort Zone (facing fears / trying new things)

Smiley Shout Out – A Special Message for Tricky Times (positivity boost) 


The Comfort Zone Series

The Comfort Zone series will be 10 Courage Chats – 10-15 minute pep talks to help you and your child navigate the choppy waters of change. From Scared to Smiley in 10 Simple Steps. At the end of each chat you’ll be ONE step closer to doing the tricky thing. This way sustained growth is incremental and NOT scary at all.

Episode 56 | Courage Chat #1 – Getting Tricky with It

Episode 57 | Courage Chat #2 – Getting Ready for Trickiness 

Episode 58 | Courage Chat #3 – You’ve Got What it Takes


Bonus Workshop Episodes

BONUS Workshop How to Safeguard your Child Against Frenemies, Tricky People + Meanies

BONUS Workshop Summer Holiday Survival – Beat the boredom + squabbles

BONUS Friendships Workshop –  Find the right friendships that bring out the best in you

BONUS Episode – Worrier to Warrior Workshop – How Anxiety + Stress Impact Children

BONUS Episode for Christmas Bedtime Relaxation – Santa I’m Too Excited to Sleep



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