Have you ever noticed that some days you wake up raring to go and the day seems to be easy and fun; whereas other days you wake up and feel like somebody has pulled the plug on your energy? Your get up and go has got up and gone! Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • All the things which could be potentially zapping you of your energy
  • What you can do to help yourself keep your energy high
  • How to bring your A game to the new school term
  • What one quick and easy thing you can do before you go to bed at night to make sure tomorrow is a good day

Helpful Smiley Stuff

The idea for this episode came from the book: ‘Have you filled your bucket today?’ by Carol McCloud. This is my vision board I look at every morning. Over on the blog, parents might like to read ‘Have you got the definition of true confidence wrong?’ because often we have negative connotations and beliefs around confidence which are not true. You can pick up a box of my very popular Smiley Thought Cards (affirmation cards). These are 40 beautifully illustrated photos with uplifting words for the whole family. Check out the new freebie over in the Online Learning Den called ‘A Beginner’s Guide to a Growth Mindset..  This is how you keep your mindset game strong! Don’t create holes in your own bucket. Want to bring your A Game to the new school term, dive into this confidence pack from my Online Learning Den or join me at The Energy Pod. See how you can really make this time around feel more positive. Connect with me on Instagram and on Facebook or watch some cool videos on My YouTube Channel

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