Do you know what makes you happy? Do you think the goal is to be happy all the time? What does it mean when you’re not happy? Today, I want to talk to you about why we have to learn how to be happy, how you can learn and why they don’t teach you this stuff at school.


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode

  • The 3 myths about happiness that people get wrong
  • The reason why so many people never find happiness and spend their whole lives chasing it
  • The real ever-lasting secret to happiness that you have the power to create
  • How you can earn Amazon vouchers by telling your friends about the podcast

Helpful stuff mentioned in this episode:

You can buy my book Stuck Between Two Worlds to understand more about parent-child codependency dynamics (where we feel like it’s our responsibility for one another’s happiness).

How to Activate Your Inner Smile and How to Have an Ever Lasting Smile from the Inside out!  are blog posts that will tell you more about how to take responsibility for your own happiness. 

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