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It’s October half term here in the UK and as exciting and fun as it is to have so much time and space away from school, I also know that into that space jumps sibling squabbles, endless requests for more sweets, screens and other items that require strict limits. Hold those boundaries firm – don’t let the giddyness of the holidays weaken your resolve!

So what to do when school holidays turn sour to the cries of ‘I’m booooooored!?’ Parents all over the world start to turn themselves into children’s entertainers as they cave in to the pressure of the boredom winge – like ‘Baby Shark’ on replay – it will drive you insane!

Here’s the thing: your kids need to get bored and learn how to think for themselves. They need to connect to all their feelings including the less pleasant ones, so they can start learning to work out what they need.

Parents also need to learn sit on their hands and bite their tongues. Don’t put it on yourself to be responsible for how your child feels…that’s their job. Every time you jump in and rescue them, you’re making it harder for them. Today’s episode explains that in more detail and has some fun half term activities to entertain your bored brood. Enjoy!

Helpful Stuff for Parents:


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 Half Term Boredom Busters:


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