It took me such a long time to realise that I am in charge of my brain and I can help myself climb out of thought holes….or maybe not even get stuck in them in the first place. So in today’s episode, I want to help you understand your brain a bit better because nobody teaches us this stuff at school and it’s going to really help you. There’s quite a bit to cover and as usual, there will be Smiley stories to keep us going.

Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • You’re in control of your thoughts, but you’re not in control of other people’s
  • What you can do when your thoughts (worries) get big and scary
  • How I thought traffic lights used to work (hint: no electricity involved)
  • Me singing ….quite badly!

Helpful Smiley Stuff

Come and take a sneaky peek with me behind the scenes of making the Truly Madly Smiley podcast in this blog post.

Over on the blog, there is a helpful post for parents too called What are the Top 3 Worries I see in my Coaching Room every week?

You can pick up a box of my very popular Smiley Thought Cards (affirmation cards). These are 40 beautifully illustrated photos with uplifting words for the whole family. They are a quick and fun way to encourage positive thinking, self esteem, self confidence and self love.

You can download a replay of the Energy Pod classes on Making Mistakes and Worry here.

The song I’m singing (or attempting to sing) is called Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin and it’s featured in the movie Flushed Away. Check out this rather beautiful version of kids from all around the world singing it

Come & meet Smiley every week in The Energy Pod so you can learn to be with your uncomfortable feelings and talk about your worries. I promise you will feel so much better.

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