Life is a series of endings and new beginnings – a bit like chapters in a big book. With any ending comes loss and grief. Sometimes we have to grieve for situations and people who are still alive. Like when a family breaks up or when our friends move away. Death however is slightly different. It is part of life, but something which remains a mystery to us all. I’ve created this episode to help children understand death and make sense of it according to their little world. We will all have different beliefs about death and dying. Nobody is right or wrong because really we don’t know! Children have curious minds that are full of questions. When we don’t understand or we can’t make sense of something, it feeds our fear and anxiety.

This episode will be reassuring, comforting and validating for those of you that have lost a family member, somebody you love or even a pet. We mustn’t be afraid to talk about death because when we project our fears on it and avoid it as a topic, we make it more scary for children. It’s important to keep the language age-appropriate and ask questions – allowing children to draw their own conclusions. 

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

You may like this blog post So Long Farewell! Learning to Say Goodbye and How to Handle Clingyness without Losing your Cool because separation anxiety can manifest when there is a death in the family.


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You can download the Energy Pod classes on sadness and anger here (talking about feelings will help your child process, make sense of and release them).

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