Has anybody ever called you nosey? Is your brain like a crazy quizmaster constantly asking you questions and searching for answers? Does the thought of not knowing something leave you worried or scared?

In today’s episode my beautiful niece, Mia, is asking me all the questions about all the things. If you’re curious – not nosey but curious and you want to find out my favourite colour, what I hate about my job, how I became The Smiley Coach and what makes me angry or sad, then you had better get yourself comfy for a really juicy episode! Let’s dive in!

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

When you have a curious Wildheart, it’s really helpful to hone your listening skills! Check out What does your strong-willed sensitive child need?  and Are you really + truly listening?

You may also like this blog post Why ‘Stuck Between Two Worlds’ is not just another kids story book because kids don’t always listen and learn from what you say – there are easier ways to guide and teach.

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