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I have an extra special episode for you today. That’s because I get to talk to one of you. Yes! A brave, fearless Wildheart and her Mum are on the show today answering all the questions about all of the things Smiley. You’re going to hear:

  • Lisa and Mia’s story – how they discovered Smiley coaching and how they’ve been using it to change their life
  • The Smiley support and online learning resources they’ve tried and what worked. It’s made a big difference to their life
  • Lisa and Mia talk about how easy it is to go from being stressed and struggling (just like we all do) to feeling calmer, in control and more confident again.

You can do it too! All in quite a short space of time. All you have to do is be willing to give it a try.

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

This is the blog post that Lisa first read and that lead her to my website. 

The parents training ‘Worrier to Warrior’ is available so you can learn how your stress response to your child positively or negatively impacts them. 

The YouTube videos Lisa mentions in this video that she has been watching are here.


Smiley coaching resources mentioned in this episode:

The free resources that Lisa and Mia mention are here. There is stacks of stuff to get you started on your Smiley journey. 

You can easily download the Bedtime Relaxation Pack and the Back to School Confidence Pack. 

 My Smiley Thought Cards are really good for training your brain to think differently, especially for children who think the worst or worry a lot. Remember, if you have an Alexa, you can get Smiley Thoughts read aloud to you over breakfast so you can start your day in a positive state of mind. To get started you just have to say: ‘Alexa, open Happy Thoughts’.


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