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On the last Sunday of every month, I usually go live on my Facebook Page to give out messages to all the children (and Mums!) who want them. There is a massive block around my work and Facebook. I’m not going to waste any more of my time trying to understand that. The energy of the cards is powerful and will not be stopped because despite what other people are thinking or making it mean, kids need to hear this stuff!

The Smiley Thought Cards give inspiration to so many!

We can draw strength from their wisdom. The cards want the very best for us. Their energy is lovely and I didn’t want the children to miss out on that. It’s also an opportunity for us to stop and go within. We need to make time to do that. It’s a great life skill to teach children. To reflect and help ourselves. So I’ve decided that the monthly message will be part of the podcast. 


Smiley’s message for September

This month the message is about positivity, staying calm and embracing new beginnings. Listen to the message and learn how to tap into the warm sunny energy that new beginnings bring. This might be helpful if you are starting something new and you’re worried about how that might turn out.

You can come and listen to this whenever you are doubting yourself or your feelings have gotten big and scary.

Smiley Thought Card for September:

Photo Message: Every Day is a New Beginning

Photo: sun rise or sun set over a calm ocean

Card Type: Positivity (rainbows)

Reverse Message: Make the most of each one. You always have a choice to change something. 

Colours: vibrant orange and yellow light from the sun




How to use the Inner Smile Card Spread

  1. Put your energy on the cards – you can blow on them, tap them or fan them towards your heart. 
  2. Shuffle the cards until you feel you want to stop. If you have something, in particular, you want help with, then think about that while you shuffle. If you want daily guidance or a more general reading, ask the cards ‘What do I need to know today?’
  3. Fan the cards out in front of you.
  4. Pick 5 cards to create your Inner Smile Spread. Choose the ones you feel drawn to. There is no right or wrong way to do it.
  5. Place the 5 cards –  in the order you chose them –  to make your own Inner Smile Spread. Use the image above as a guide. 
  6. Notice how the cards respond to each of the 5 question prompts on the Inner Smile Spread. 
  7. Write down the answers on a piece of paper or in your journal. This shows you what the cards want you to know. It’s your own personal message and only you can make sense of it.  
  8. To make sense of your reading, notice what you are drawn to on each card. Is it the words or the picture? What does the card mean to you? Does it make you think of something or connect you to a memory in your imagination?
  9. When you have looked at each one of the 5 questions prompt and answers, put your hand over your heart and close your eyes. Notice how you feel. Has that helped? 
  10. What action are the cards asking you to take? Have a think about what you want to do next and make sure you follow through.
  11. Say thank you to your cards for helping you, and put them carefully back in the box. 
  12. Notice what happens in the coming days while your brain and your heart synchronise (connect up) to help you work out what is it that you need. The answers come when you let go and trust.

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