How are you feeling about starting a new school term? Are you confident and excited about new stationery and seeing your friends again? Going back to school doesn’t feel like that for lots of us. When I think about school, I just feel worried about all the things I have to remember and how much there was to learn. I love to learn but I prefer to be an explorer and make school fun.

If you are filled with dread at the thought of stepping out of your blissful summer bubble and being dropped into the stressful seas of school, let’s see if in today’s episode we can turn your boo hoos into woo hoos.

It’s better to learn how to deal with stress or what makes you feel stressed, than just wishing your life away for the next holiday. We’ve got this! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

Check out Why the School Holidays are not a Cure for your Child’s Stress Levels and Smiley’s Back to School Checklist

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