Today I want to talk about a very special friend of mine – he is called Moe. Moe is my friend’s dog and I take care of him when my friend goes away on holiday. Moe has taught me a lot about life. He shows me how to have more fun, more courage and be more loving. If you have a furry friend – a family pet – you will understand how they have their own little personalities and become like another member of your family. It doesn’t have to be a dog it can be a cat, a rabbit, a rat, a guinea pig or a fish. I know they have scales instead of fur but lots of children I work with have fish. It’s calming to watch them swim about in their tanks. 


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • A funny poem I wrote about my friendship with Moe
  • The 6 important life lessons animals can teach us 

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

You may like this blog post Smiley’s Top Tips for Creating Healthy Habits that explains to parents more about how we create routines and new habits. 

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