Do you fully understand how your brain works and what makes it happy? On the Truly Madly Smiley Podcast, I’ve already talked a lot about how it’s important to feed your brain with the things that you want – goals and dreams for the future. It’s important to focus on the things we want and not what we don’t want. Otherwise, the worry train takes over and leads you into a big black hole that feels super scary. If you’ve got a creative super brain or a strong imagination, you will love this one!


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • What your brain wants you to feed it so you can live a life of inspiration and joy
  • All the different ways you can feed your brain what it needs
  • Some practical Smiley tips and suggestions to make this stuff really happen (there’s no point in talking about it and not taking action!), including making your very own vision board.

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