Do you have trouble settling at night time? Do your worries come alive at night or do you feel lonely lying in the dark on your own? That can’t be very nice for you. I want the night time to be a safe place for you to go and hang out with your good self! So, today, I have something, to make sure that you can drift off to sleep peacefully. It’s so important to make sure your brain and your body get enough sleep. It will make you super sleepy – so don’t listen to this in the car!


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • the importance of having a good night time routine and giving ourselves time to wind down
  • a poem to take your brain off to a special place (hint: this is the place that you’ll be able to read about in my new book)
  • what will help you more than anything else (it helps me!) to get off to sleep

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

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