Have you ever got yourself in a funk with your worries and lost your confidence? Life can sometimes get super hard. You feel like you want to give up. It’s frustrating. Your brain can tell you that it’s never going to work out. This happens to me, and sometimes, I can be really hard on myself. The good news is that I have found a way to take my power back, and so I can help you too. 


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • a poem that will help you stay strong when your worries get too much
  • how you can increase your self-belief and stay positive even when life is hard
  • discover how I help other children turn their worries around and feel more confident

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

Here is a helpful blog post about the power of positive thinking.

Here’s another one, that tells you 28 Ways to Instantly Create a Happy Vibe in your home

Smiley coaching resources mentioned in this episode:

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 My Smiley Thought Cards are really good for training your brain to think differently, especially for children who think the worst or worry a lot. Remember, if you have an Alexa, you can get Smiley Thoughts read aloud to you over breakfast so you can start your day in a positive state of mind. To get started you just have to say: ‘Alexa, open Happy Thoughts’.


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