Do you have a storm raging within you? Maybe you feel like it’s out of control and perhaps you’ve tried hard to contain it. Often it gets you into trouble and you end up saying things or doing things that you regret. That’s OK. I’ve done that too because we’re human and having a full range of emotions is part of that human experience. In today’s episode I want to get you to think about your anger in a different way, without judging it or making it wrong.


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • what your anger is trying to tell you and what it needs from you
  • what will happen if you distract or ignore your anger
  • that anger isn’t bad and it has an important job to do 
  • why getting angry doesn’t change anything but it can be helpful to listen to it

Helpful Stuff for Parents:

I have quite a few blog posts which go with this episode as anger is tricky for lots of us, and there is no shame in that – – it’s just part of being human:

Smiley coaching resources mentioned in this episode:

Check out the replay of the Energy Pod class on Anger (#8). During May there is an offer on packs of replays. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to check it out

If you want to learn how to manage all your feelings, then you’re very welcome to come and join me in The Energy Pod class every Monday at 5pm.


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