Let’s tap into the magic inside of us so that we can feel good as often as possible. Sometimes we don’t realise how powerful we can be and how to use that magic to help us. It’s like a muscle though, it needs exercise to strengthen it. This episode is great for worry warts *raises hand* and shouts ‘That’s me!’ because we’re prone to letting our naughty brains wander off on their own only to find they’ve tumbled down a big worry hole. Let’s take a different path that doesn’t have any of those and let’s learn to use our amazing imaginations.


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • You can create good feelings anytime you want to
  • What is an Imagineer and how do you know if you are one
  • Signs that you have a strong imagination (I bet it’s stronger than you think it is)
  • Why your imagination is your greatest gift
  • How you can tap into and strengthen your imagination so you feel good instead of worry

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