Nothing stays the same forever lovely listener. I’m not very good with that – with endings.  So, as the year draws to a close I want us to look back together and see how far we have come. I want us to really take stock of all the new things we have learnt and appreciate how wonderful our world is. This clears the way for what lies ahead of us in the New Year and we can embrace it with clarity and confidence.

Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • Why asking questions and reflecting is a great life skill – there’s no such thing as a ‘silly question’.
  • A mini Smiley coaching session to help you learn important lessons from the year gone by.
  • A series of thought provoking questions for you to ponder on.
  • A tonne of Smiley advice and support for those icky sticky bits as well as lots of praise for a job well done (that’s very important you know!).

Helpful Resources for Parents:

Good news! There’s a grown up version of this podcast in the form of my FREE coaching session called ‘Smiley’s Yearly Review’ to take stock of your life and think what matters most to you this year. >> Click here to listen in.

Another helpful blog for parents which will kick start your New Year is here.

Helpful Resources for Kids:

  • For those of you that have been / are being bullied or want to sort out your FRIENDSHIPS this year. Maybe you need a little help with your boundaries and asserting yourself. My online course ‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ will really help you.  
  • For ANGRY bears, there are 2 helpful resources: ‘How To Tame Your Angry Dragon’ and the replay of the Energy Pod class on Anger here.

If you have an Alexa, you can have the Smiley Thought Cards read out to you over breakfast every morning.  To get started you just have to say:  ‘Alexa, open Happy Thoughts’.

With the rapid growth of voice assistants such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home it’s exciting to know that many of the new skills being produced are aimed at family enjoyment and wellbeing. I’ve teamed up with The Little Book Magazine to create Happy Thoughts which is a skill especially designed for children, to encourage positive thinking, self esteem and self confidence. It provides the perfect way to start each day with a positive boost putting a spring in their step!

Each thought is read from a child. Positive advice from one child that will resonate with your child, examples include:

You can do ANYTHING! 
– Your brain believes what YOU tell it is true.
– Repeat to yourself ‘I CAN do it! YES, I can!’ 

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You’re also very welcome to come and join the live Energy Pod class every Monday at 5pm with Smiley.  Click here to book your ticket. Or if you can’t make it to class, you can download replays from my video library here.

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