Do you ever wish that your life was like other people’s? Do you want what they have got? I think we’ve all felt like this at times but, it doesn’t feel great not liking the life we have and comparing ourselves to others.  As we approach Christmas and the crazy gets turned up a notch, lots of children get jealous of their siblings and friends, or want what they can’t have. Jealousy can leave children feeling left out and unseen for who they are. So let’s explore that more today!


Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • The difference between jealousy and envy
  • How you can use jealousy for good
  • What it really means when you’re jealous of something or somebody
  • What I was jealous of and how I dealt with it


Helpful Smiley stuff in this episode:

If you’ve somehow become unconsciously caught up in playing the comparison game in your family, this blog post ‘The 3 C’s that Block Your Path to Happiness’ explains more about why comparison creates sibling rivalry and stops children from feeling seen for who they truly are.

You may also want to explore ‘How Self Esteem Negatively Impacts Every Area of Your Life’. If you want to go to work on your self esteem and grow it from the inside out, you’ll really like my ‘Be your Own Best Friend’ course which you can do as a stand alone DIY learning pack at home or as group coaching with me.

12 Days of Smiley Christmas is a fun FREEBIE of 12 videos to support parents and children in the lead up to Christmas craziness.  I show up in my silly hat and share my morning cuppa with you for 12 days when you’ll hear me share:  A Smiley Thought Card, a top tip to help you cope with the stress of Christmas and a mini challenge so you can help yourself and each other. Tune in here.

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