Have you ever felt like the worries are building up inside your head so much that you get a headache or a tummy ache? A bit like when you put baked beans or soup in the microwave and don’t cover them up. Splat! Whoopsie! A mini microwave explosion is a signal from your body that all is not well. Are you listening? Busy lives can mean that stress builds up inside of us so it’s important we notice when we’re getting stressed so we don’t reach explosion stage.

In today’s episode, I’m going to take you back to a time where I had an utterly butterly moment over my exams. It wasn’t pretty but maybe it’s the warning you need to hear so that you slow down and stop too.

Here’s what you’ll hear this episode:

  • What it means when life is out of balance (wonky)
  • What 2 helpful questions you need to ask yourself to help you stay in balance
  • How to come up with some ideas to stay in balance

Helpful Smiley Stuff

Over on the blog, you might like to watch the video and read, ‘Help Your Child Break Free from the Endless Cycle of Worry’  or this one: ‘How to Speedily Return Family Life Balance & Manage Everyday Stress’.

Here is a picture of what tree pose looks like. You can see some children doing tree pose in a yoga circle I ran at the park one summer.

You can download the replay of the Energy Pod class on Too Much (overwhelm) here.

My Smiley Thought Cards are really good for training your brain to think more balanced thoughts especially with children who think the worst or who have a negative self image.

My new course ‘Get Your Worries Out’ is nearly here. It’s a 6 week course which will help your child to understand, work through and find ways to manage their worries. It’s fun, engaging and practical. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can find out more and apply here.

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