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I was sitting in the sun, thinking that I needed fun.

‘Cos life had gotten serious and drab, Honestly, I’d been feeling rather sad.

For too long, I wished for something new, but I couldn’t figure out what I needed to do!

I listened to the voice that came from inside, that worried and made me want to hide

All the parts of me that felt wrong, a mean bullying voice that was deafeningly strong.

It drowned out the cheerleaders that were on my team. The much-needed compassion for my self-esteem.

‘Be Quiet!’ I cried to the horrible one. ‘You’re stopping me from having fun.’

‘It’s all in your head!’ the mean voice screamed. ‘You’re self-obsessed and a Drama Queen!’ 

There’s only ONE thing that silences the fear, of the mean voice that wants me to hear

How horrible I am and how nothing will go right, it makes me panic and want to take flight.

But I can’t escape the voice inside my head, so I have to do this ONE thing instead.

I talk to my Smiley Thought Cards and they help me to see, a different perspective; a better me!

That’s helpful, more positive and open to fun. That’s what they show me as I sit here in the sun.

I don’t need to work it all out today, I know if I let go and trust, I will find my way.

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