Usually throughout the summer months, I take a break from my podcast, The Wildheart Diaries, but this year I’ve decided to have some fun with rambling.

Rambling is like verbal diarrhoea, or journaling with your voice.

I’ve been keeping track of my thoughts and feelings by verbalising how my inner world communicates with my outer world. I’ve used my surroundings and daily life as prompts to start a conversation with myself. These seemingly innocent and insignificant, no-big-deal chats ended up becoming a powerful and easy tool for building confidence and self-trust. 

Your voice is the connection to your gut brain!

Talking to yourself is most certainly not a sign of madness. In fact, it’s one of the smartest things you can do to dissolve self-doubt, anxiety and fear if you want to reconnect with your gut feelings. Your gut is sometimes referred to as your second brain and it’s rarely ever wrong. If like I used to, you struggle with chronic self-doubt or an overthinking, anxious mind, you’ll know how exhausting it is to live in a constant state of flux. I want to teach you how to stay grounded, even when the world around you is chaotic and uncertain.

Your mind-gut connection is where you’ll find safety. 

Somewhere along the way, you’ve lost that all important mind-gut connection that helps you to feel safe and secure. You’ve tuned out from your wants, needs and desires. You have been conditioned to focus outside of yourself for answers. Bring your focus back inside and let me introduce you to the power of your voice so you can get back in touch with your gut feelings.

How to Ramble: Simply say your thoughts out loud until you make sense and find meaning in them. You don’t edit yourself or worry about who is listening, or if you’re saying the wrong thing. You just talk and talk until you have more clarity, reached a conclusion, or simply feel better than when you’ve started.

Where to Ramble: I’m sure many of us have had a rant in the car, but how about a ramble? I also enjoyed rambling over breakfast or whilst out walking. Whenever inspiration struck and I had a private moment to myself, I would whip out my phone and talk into a new voice memo. Keep reading and you can listen in to all 27 of my summer rambles!

What to Ramble About: I’ve focussed my attention on what resonated most, spoke to my heart or sparked a strong emotional response in my body. I took inspiration from my work, chats with friends, songs, conversations I’ve overheard, films I’ve watched, and just by observing human behaviour as I go about my day.

Rambling, like journaling, is a channel for self-reflection.

Rambling leads to clarity & confidence.

Rambling, like journaling, is a channel of free-flowing expression that will heal you.

Here are some of the other benefits of rambling:

  1. Rambling connects you to your gut feelings to help exercise and tone your vagus nerve that will improve your overall wellbeing.
  2. Rambling helps release pent-up emotions and provides relief from emotional pain and anxiety. You definitely feel lighter afterwards.
  3. Rambling encourages your inner child’s innate curiosity by allowing you to freely express your thoughts, emotions, and experiences without judgment or criticism.
  4. Rambling brings awareness to your inner most dreams and desires. Don’t keep them locked away!
  5. Rambling helps you find your most authentic you. No more masking up or hiding parts of yourself.
  6. Rambling forces you to listen to yourself and breaks old patterns of ignoring, dismissing, denying and minimising your feelings.
  7. Rambling helps you work out your values and what’s important to you. Start living from this place – your life is for you.
  8. Rambling taps into your subconscious mind and uncovers hidden thoughts, beliefs, and patterns so you can release them.
  9. Rambling reminds you of the power of your voice by encouraging you to speak up. Stop stuffing things inside to keep other people happy. 
  10. Rambling gives your life deeper meaning and purpose which is exciting, inspiring and helps you find your place in the world.
  11. Rambling makes you aware of your personal power and gives you permission to unapologetically take up space here!
  12. Rambling builds self-trust as you realise that you are capable of working it all out and uncovering the answers that already live inside of you!

Rambling is a powerful & easy self-reflection tool for healing that will reconnect you with your true self.

Honestly, I’ve had the best insights and ahas from talking to myself. As somebody who got told off for talking, this makes me laugh out loud! Who is having the last laugh now? I’m sure my younger self was rambling to try and regulate her nervous system. She knew what she needed!

This is why you need to trust your intuition. 

It knows exactly what you need when you listen to it! 

Now that you have a better of understanding rambles, I encourage you to explore rambling further as part of your healing toolkit.


🦋- 3 Ways You Can Ramble to Heal – 🦋

Feel lighter, empowered and in control of your life:

1 – Scroll down and have a LISTEN TO MY SUMMER RAMBLES. Sometimes when I ramble I channel messages. So, there may be a message in there for you.

2 – Book a POCKET COACH SESSION by clicking this link and I will hold space for you while you ramble away to your heart’s content. Through back and forth messaging, you’ll feel supported as I ask you the right questions and offer you alternative insights and wisdom.

3 – Participate in my FREE MONTHLY WORKSHOP, Journal Your Jammies, held on the last Wednesday of every month. Explore the magic of free-fall journaling (rambling with a pen) to unlock your true feelings and desires. 

Remember, your authentic voice is a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth.

Embrace it, nurture it, and let it guide you on your journey towards a more fulfilled life. 

Enjoy my Summer Rambles

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