Episode 47

The Silent Pain of Non-Reciprocal and One-Sided Relationships 

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m talking about a pattern of toxic relating, where one person is over giving and the other taking, which leads to burnout and resentment. Do you often find yourself in relationships with people who aren’t interested in the real you, only what you can do for them? Or people who are using you as an emotional buffer, or a reason not to take responsibility for their own feelings? Is it time to break that pattern and let real love in? Yes! It’s time to set yourself free from putting everybody first, being the peace maker, or the good girl, and swallowing your words. No more put up and shut up. It’s time to find your voice!

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Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTD from Surviving to Thriving) by Pete Walker

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