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Do you need help with a resistant child who feels stuck? Want to make sense of their behaviour and get them talking?

Learn how I get kids talking and shift their stuck energy into a more neutral, problem solving space. It’s so handy to have in your toolkit – you’ll use it over and over again. I love to see what they come up with.

“My daughter describes you as ‘The lady who takes her worries away!”

The H💗ART of the Matter

This clever creative activity provides a safe space for children to work through their particular challenge. They’ll discover what’s blocking them and how they can take action in a way that feels right for them. It’s fascinating to watch them take back their power and draw their own conclusion. We’re much likely to feel motivated, when it’s our decision.
Watch children feel more confident and reassured when they can bounce back from disappointment, challenges and tricky situations without letting all those bad feelings into their heart.
Feel calm and at ease as they open up and give you insights and clarity about what’s really going on.

WHAT you’ll get:

a fun Smiley creative coaching class to discover their unique strengths and approach to bouncing back from tricky situations and challenges (emotional resilience).
a fully comprehensive guide for parents and professionals to interpret each child’s creative work. You’ll get amazing insights on their inner world and a better understanding of what they need to feel better.
2 guided relaxations: to wash away all the icky feelings.
a colourful kids checklist of daily rituals to help children grow more resilient.
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