how to create happinessHave you ever wondered if you could measure your child’s happiness?

You can’t and as a parent, that is what you want most for your child: for them to be really and truly happy.

Do you often worry that you might be getting it wrong?

I want you to channel your precious time and energy into having fun with your family instead of constantly worrying about if you’re doing it right. I’m pretty sure if you’re wanting to take this test you are a conscientious parent who is doing their very best.

Sometimes Mums and Dads can’t do it on their own. It warms my heart to hear her chatting to you so comfortably and takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I know it’s not just all down to me to help her find solutions. My daughter really enjoys coaching and describes you as: ‘The lady who takes her worries away!’
Claire Guest, Camberley

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Episode 40 – The One with the Boredom Busters

Episode 40 – The One with the Boredom Busters

It's October half term here in the UK and as exciting and fun as it is to have so much time and space away from school, I also know that into that space jumps sibling squabbles, endless requests for more sweets, screens and other items that require strict...

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