Helping kids feel confident and less worried, is about understanding a child’s temperament and bringing awareness to their mindset.

We usually associate downtime from school as a chance to have fun and relax. It’s important to get the balance right.

How about using some of that extra time to create new habits?

They will last and help us feel prepared for the new school term? I don’t believe the school holidays are a cure for your Child’s Stress Levels!

Do you wanna start the new school term with confidence? Of course you do!

So what if I said:

  • it’s fun and easy; would you believe me?
  • it motivates and grounds you; would you believe me?
  • it gave you a set of tools to help you stay calm and centred; would you believe me?

Do you cultivate daily habits which set you up to succeed?

Or are you wading through peanut butter wishing that your Fairy GodMother would sweep in and save you?

Walking is one of my Summer goals as I want to get moving and lose 10lbs by the end of September. There you go! I’ve claimed it on here now, so there’s no going back. Eeek! Walking isn’t just to get me moving, it gets me thinking as well. When I’m outside, I clear my head, I come up with ideas, I feel light and free. I’m sure it’s the same for you and your children. 

What gets you in that place where you can:

  • be you
  • think clearly
  • feel relaxed
  • feel free and unburdened
  • feel connected to yourself
  • feel confident enough to handle anything life chucks in your direction

…without falling asleep!

This is why I created the Inner Smile

The inner smile is something I created after reading the Miracle Morning and was amazed at the results. Would you believe it?

  • I have found myself comfort eating less
  • I feel confident and connected
  • I love my life
  • I don’t mind waking up early
  • I’m worrying less
  • My creativity for work is off the charts

final smile meme for kids2

Nope I’m not selling happiness….because that is entirely down to you BUT

I am creating the right environment for you and your child to grow your own happiness.

What does the inner SMILE mean?

S is for Smiley Thoughts – every day infiltrate your brain with Smiley Thoughts so you feel positive and good about yourself. My Smiley Thought Cards are a great way to do this and they are not just for kids. Mums are using them too and from all the boxes of cards sold, we’ve come up with 30 Ways to Instantly Create a Happy Vibe in your Home. 

M is for Meditation – breathing from your tummy releases all the negative emotions you don’t want and makes the same chemicals in your brain that are made when somebody hugs you. You are giving yourself a hug! Try my free meditation and see how you get on.

I is for Imagine – instead of using your fabulous creative mind for worrying, close your eyes and see the person who you want to become. Step into that person every day and watch yourself grow. Episode 9 – The One With the Best Day Ever! has a lovely guided visualisation so you can imagine a great day at school – over time your brain will feel less worried about school. 

L is for Let Go – we carry around an invisible emotional back pack which needs emptying every day. When we don’t empty it, it weighs heavy on our hearts and can cause us to have lots of meltdowns. It stops us from being happy. Learn to let go.

E is for Enjoy – remember what you love about yourself and your life. We often focus on what is wrong or missing and we need to switch gears and into gratitude. Being grateful for what we have and living in the now means we focus our energy and attention on what truly matters.

Get involved + activate your Inner SMILE

Let’s get your inner SMILE glowing and ready for fun. That way, whatever is going on around you, won’t affect you as much. Your inner SMILE is something you are in control of (the other stuff  – not so much!) and so you can feel Smiley whenever you need to.

The Inner SMILE is part of this fun + engaging coaching bundle!

You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile has been bundled up with two of my other popular coaching packs for maximum impact. This bundle is jam packed with super Smiley coaching goodies to help your Wildheart feel GOOD and CONFIDENT about themselves. And on the days when they struggle (just like we all do), the stuff they learn in here will help them bounce back and find their balance again.

Your child will want to take responsibility for their own wellbeing when they have the tools to empower them to change the way they feel!

1 – You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile – this is a quick and easy 5-step maintenance programme, so your Wildheart can keep in touch with their feelings without getting overwhelmed. Just like you take care of your body with sleep, exercise and healthy foods, this is how you take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing. All you need is to prioritise this and spend 10-15 minutes a day to cultivate your inner smile. 

2 – How to Tame Your Angry Dragon – this isn’t just about anger, although it will help you understand that more and has some easy, practical tools for calming down. This is also about all the softer feelings that sit underneath anger which are quite hard to get in touch with. Lots of people don’t realise that anger usually masks anxiety, sadness, disappointment, fear and all those softer feelings which hurt

3 – Smiley’s Sweet Dreams Pack – this is a must have for living in a busy world where we never seem to have enough time. STOP! Take a breath! Learning to go quiet, RELAX and be with ourselves is such a valuable life skill, but not only will this pack teach you to find your inner calm, it will also help you to dissolve a lot of the feelings you carry and help you with your worries. 

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