Get Your Happy On This Summer

My very popular weekly online class for families (The Energy Pod) will continue to run throughout the summer, but with a slightly different vibe. If this is new for you, you can read all about The Energy Pod here. In fact, this is a great opportunity for those of you who want to dip your toe in the Smiley coaching water whilst you have the luxury of more time during the school holidays.

Summer is not the time to ‘take a break’ from coaching and here’s why…..

If you’re a regular Energy Podder, I’ve kept the days the same, but changed the later class on a Monday to an early one (9am). I know how you guys are early risers even when you’re not at school. You can all stay connected during the summer and maintain your emotional wellbeing habits which we’ve been carefully cultivating together since February. Well done, well done! So proud of you!

These summer sessions are not recorded (like the weekly class is), so you will need to show up to the live class and get involved.


Creative Crafty Coaching

09:00 am Mondays — We will kick off the week with some fun crafty and creative coaching.  All you need is pens, paper and glue. I won’t say glitter cos that might not be a good idea, but if you want to sparkle then why not? We will be making crafts which will help us with our feelings and our worries.

Smiley Story Telling

5:00 pm Mondays — We’ll have fun story telling where YOU get to make the story come alive. Join the session and listen in, or come online and tell your part of the story. Once upon a time…….who knows where it will lead? I’m sure it will be so much fun as we get your child’s creativity flowing. Storytelling is such a good way for kids to talk about how they feel and their interpretation of their world without actually talking about themselves. We learn a lot about ourselves from storytelling in this way and of course I will be coaching the kids through it (and they won’t even know!). Clever huh!

Summer Snooze Down

6:30 pm Wednesdays — Relax and get ready for bed. I will be teaching some easy techniques using guided visualisation, stories and yoga. This is a great way to practice if you struggle to get to sleep. Your body needs repetition and sleepy cues to get in the zone. You can learn that with me in time for when you go back to school. Of course, I will be on hand for Mums to answer any questions about bedtime battles, nighttime worries, scareds of the dark or separation anxiety.

Back to School Special

I get lots of requests as the Autumn term approaches to support children who are making the transition to the new school term or even to a new school. This will be a mini training (so not as in depth as my Self Study Back to School Confidence Pack) packed with Smiley coaching to pep you up, get you in the zone and put those worried minds at rest. There are 2 dates right at the end of August (see below).

Here’s the full time table. It’s going to be a Smiley Summer!

Hope to see lots of you in class!


Smiley x

How to Book

Each class is £15 or you can save £10 and book a bundle of 4 for £50 which is fab for the whole family. It’s easy to book:

1. Decide if you want one session or a bundle of 4

2. Click on the relevant purple button below

3. Choose your class from the dates and times available. The classes are labelled ‘Energy Pod’ and that’s correct. These are special summer sessions as a one off from the regular classes I run during term time.

4. Book and pay online. Put it in your diary – it’s a date!

5. Receive an email from Smiley with a link to join the group (it’s in a locked down safe Facebook Group and nobody can get in unless I add them)

6. Show up for class on the right day at the right time

Got Questions?

Head over to the main Energy Pod page where you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions by parents and children.

Do the summer hols feel stressy?

Wouldn’t it be heavenly to relax in the sunshine, instead of feeling like it’s up to you to make  summer special? Pressure!

Imagine if you didn’t have to referee all the squabbles. Or be a children’s entertainer. Or what if you actually discovered the secret to preventing boredom.

I’ve got something to help you!  Get your hands on my free Summer Survival Kit  (handy video and worksheet) so you can step into the holidays without the stress.

My daughter really enjoys coaching and describes you as: ‘The lady who takes her worries away!’ Sometimes Mums and Dads can’t do it on their own. It warms my heart to hear her chatting to you so comfortably and takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I know it’s not just all down to me to help her find solutions.

Mrs Guest, Camberley

Smiley Thought Cards

40 Beautifully illustrated affirmation cards. Improve your growth mindset and help your child feel gorgeous from the inside out!


Energy Pod Replays

You can download all the previous Energy Pod classes – there are lots to choose from including worry, anger, sadness and love.

From £18

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