Happy New Year!

I don’t know if you saw a recent video I posted on Facebook (it’s so cute; you have to see it). This little girl explains precisely how I feel about New Year’s resolutions: *pulls a grumpy face* Here’s the thing:

Change doesn’t happen in one big moment. It’s thousands of little moments which lead to any change.

You are in charge of those changes

After Christmas comes new plans, new year and a brand new you! Except it’s not quite like that is it?  I don’t know about you but all my days are mixed up. I can’t seem to get back in the zone.

Are you still hibernating?

If you are resisting, then maybe you need some more time off to rejuvenate. Or maybe you know that big change is on the horizon and that feels scary. Be gentle with yourself and let your New Year start when you are ready. Save this letter for when you are – it will come in really handy. If you are feeling a bit stuck, then here is a quick list to help you:

Free and Helpful Smiley Resources

1) Free Coaching Session with Me

I will be live on Facebook at 9pm on Thursday 3rd of January to help you look back on the year and look forward with renewed enthusiasm. More ‘Woo hoo!’ and less ‘Ugggh!’

To join, all you have to do is click here on that day at that time with a pen and paper ready to rock. If you can’t see me, keep refreshing the page until my little ginger appears.

2) Free Journaling App

Lots of people resist journaling as they fear other people’s judgement. Writing it down does not mean that it’s set in stone. It’s more of a Lessons Learnt Exercise instead of beating yourself up or adding to your pile of guilt. You can be sure of a private experience if you download the free app Penzu which allows you to offload to your heart’s content.

3) Reflection

Look back with happiness at how far you and your family have come instead of comparing yourself to others. This is my #bestnine from Instagram and it made me smile from ear to ear. What a year it’s been: I travelled to Dubai and Oz, I did a kids’ yoga course, got a shout out in the Financial Times and won the Kallikids award for the UK’s Best Family Service. Ok stop…showing off now! Well I’m not really I’m proud and you should be too. What went well for you and your family?

4) Get Motivated

If re-living successes and happy moments from last year, don’t fire you up, then why don’t you dive deep into my blog and check out my pearls of wisdom on anger, anxiety, boundaries, creativity, relaxation and everything your family needs to live in harmony.

People over look this when they ring me to enquire about coaching. They think I have all these secret answers or a magical pill. Sorry to disappoint but I don’t! Just read the blog. How about 10 Ideas to Shake Up Your Family’s Morning Routine or Smiley’s Top Tips for Creating Healthy Habits in 2017.

Prevention is better than cure

I don’t want to be the Girl You Call in an Emergency and of course we can’t predict the future (even though as a control freak I can’t resist reading my my monthly horoscopes). I seriously beg of you


Ok shouting now – sorry (not sorry!) I want you to hear me.

What can you do?

1) Be the best version of yourself (pop on over to my Online Learning Den where you’ll find heaps of useful learning packs to create your own healthy habits and increase your emotional intelligence).


2) Commit your family to a weekly date to get together with other like-minded families at The Energy Pod. Not only will you learn more about each other so you have more understanding, but you’ll also learn some Smiley helpful coaching tips and techniques to help you regulate your emotions, develop a positive (growth) mindset and have fun whilst doing it!

Coaching starts from just £15 a week

As I said in the beginning, I have a problem with NY’s resolutions too. There is not one single time to change. Throughout our lives change is forced upon us and the unknown can be scary. It’s much better when you feel like it’s your choice.

Every day we have a choice to do something (one tiny thing) differently and every day we can learn, grow, improve, adjust and love a little bit more ❤️

What will you do tomorrow?

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